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Whole team always lorry night now we get to see the real match at what could potentially be the western conference finals in the nba championship i'm with you i think houston legit i i know ride if i try to temper his enthusiasm but the way seen he's rocket sits hakim right like they have a bit this good fit kitty smith the same could fail so i think this team will be there and the way the western conference finals against the warriors and i can't wait to see like how they do because hard is a problem they have yet to lose weight chris paul i think even that is or at tyson that that the cleveland batch of aid because we cleaned up against lead so much but i i wanna see them live play for real against houston everybody healthy play for real and i think that's one of those games where they might want to just the case we think they might lose doors why be like let me just give you a preview of what we gonna look like in the playoffs which you called houston man before the season started in my question was in it's not as big of a question of still there might be question was what are the defensively because before they were zero defensively now they released the five idled they're they're not going to be warrior level defensively i you know i don't know if there ever gonna be in eight let's say to be somewhat generous but you know you said it man with with with pj brown and of renewed and had a renewed focus but a new focus on defense and chris paul will at least getting somebody's wear will be an irritant they're giving you something and offensively at just under ever doubted that the rockets were going to be good i'm not gonna sit here in line say however i expected james harden to go to another level goes you know why we're marvel in kevin durant and the broad is just lebrun and all over the place james harden my god to.

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