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Stormy Daniels lawyer comes up with this incredible story accusing you the most sordid and salacious conduct. It's outrageous. And you're right to be angry. But this is your chance to tell your story. And I hope you have a chance to tell us everything you wanna tell us, but the bird is not on you. To disprove the allegations made the burden under our system when you accuse somebody of criminal conduct is on the person making the accusation. Now, I understand we're not this isn't a trial. Like I said, but I just wanted to make sure that we understood. It's hard to reconstruct. What happened thirty six years ago? And I appreciate what you said about Dr Ford. That perhaps she has had an incident some point in her life, and you. Are sympathetic to that. And. But your reputation is on the line, and I hope people understand the gravity of the charges made against you. And what a fair process looks like. Thank you, Mr Chairman, Johnny clubs are soda democrat. And you understand we have this constitutional duty to advise and consent. And for me when this evidence came forward, I decided that I needed to look at this. And I needed to find out about it. And I needed to ask you questions about it as well as others that were involved. So again, I'm not gonna take the same approach as my colleagues here talk about Don Mcgann or any of this. Why don't you just ask the president? Mrs. Dr Ford can't do this. We clearly haven't been able to do this. But just ask the president to reopen the FBI investigation the committee is to you're doing the investigation. I'm here to answer your questions, and I should say one thing Senator klobuchar which is. I appreciate. Our meeting together. And I appreciate how you handle the prior hearing and a lot of respect for you. Thank you. All of that aside. Here's the thing. You could actually just get this open. So that we can talk to these witnesses and the FBI can do it instead of us and you've come before us, but we have people like Mark judge who Dr Ford says was a witness to this. We have this polygraph expert at that. My colleagues were raising issues about the polygraph. We would like to have that person come before us. And I just think if we could open this up. I don't I don't mean to interrupt. But I guess I am. But Mark judge has provided sworn statements saying this didn't happen. And that I'd never did. Or would do we would like the FBI tomato to follow up and ask him questions. You know, we talked about past nomination processes, and you talked about those and I note that President George Bush in the Nita hill Justice Thomas case, he opened up the FBI investigation and let questions being asked. And I think it was helpful for people. So was his decision reasonable. I don't know the circumstances of that when I know centers. I'm he he he just the circumstances are that he opened up the investigation. So the FBI could ask them questions on twenty. He opened up the background check. I'm here to answer questions about my yearbook or about you know, what I okay. Or, you know. Okay. I'm not gonna ask about the yearbook. So most people have done some drinking in high school and college. And many people even struggle with alcoholism and binge drinking my own dad struggled with alcoholism, most of his life. And he got in trouble for it. And there were consequences. He is still in a at age ninety and he's sober. And in his words, he was pursued by grace, and that's how he got through this. So in your case, you have said here and other places that you never drank so much that you didn't remember what happened? But yet we have heard not under oath. But we have heard your college roommates say that you did drink frequently. These ornery news report that you would sometimes be belligerent. Another classmate said, it's not credible for you to say, you didn't have memory lapses. So drinking is one thing. I don't I actually don't think. That's the second quotes, correct? On the first, quote, if you wanted I provided some material that still redacted about the situation with the freshman year roommate? And I don't really want to repeat that in a public hearing. But just so, you know, there were three people in a room. Dave white Jamie Roach in me, and it was a contentious situation where Jamie did not like Dave white. I was at all. And I mean this, okay. Dave white came back from from home one weekend. And Jamie Roach had moved all his furniture came out into the out into the courtyard. Okay. And so he walks in and so that's your source on that. So there's all drinking is one and there's much more. And look at the redacted port portion of what I said, I don't want to repeat the public here will can I just ask one more question that information about okay, drinking is one thing. But the concern is about truthfulness and in your written testimony. You said sometimes you had too many drinks. I was there ever a time when you drink so much that you couldn't remember what happened or part of what happened the night before. I know. I remember what happened and I think you've probably had beer center. And so you're saying there's never been a case where you drank so much the didn't remember what happened the night before? Or part of what happened? It's you're asking about blackout. I don't know have you. Could you answer the question judge just to you? That's not happened. Is that your answer? Yeah. And I'm curious if you have I have no drinking problem, nor do I. Okay. Thank you. Senator hatch since this FBI thing keeps coming up all the time. Let's get back to basics. First of all anybody, including Anne Senator. That's brought up the issue could ask for an FBI investigation. What the FBI does. Gather information for the White House, then the file sent to the committee for us to make our own evaluations. We're capable of making our own determination about the accuracy of any of those allegations. The F B I has put out a statement over. Now, I suppose it's a month ago, clearly stating this matter is close as far as as the the letter being sent to them, and there is no federal crime to investigate Senator Senate Democrats hope for the FBI to draw any conclusions on this matter. I'm going to remind you what Joe Biden said now, I said, this is my statement. But maybe maybe people aren't listening when I say, maybe they won't even hear this Joe by quote, the next person who refers to an FBI report as being worth anything, obviously doesn't understand anything the FBI explicitly does not does not in this or any other gays reach a conclusion period, they say he said, she said they said period. So when people waving FBI report before you're even bring it up now as something perspectively. That wasn't. It needs quote understand. They do not they do not. They do not reach conclusions. They do not make recommendation. Sara chairman. Mr Chairman, I say for the record that actually we have asked you said that nobody's asked the FBI or we could ask the FBI, I actually have others have. And I think that the issue is that part of what an F B I report does is to investigate and seek either corroborating or skull Pretoria evidence. It's not so much the conclusion that it draws as the breadth of the evidence that is sought out through the investigation and the difference between what somebody might say to an FBI agent when they're being examined. And for instance, Mr. judges letter signed by his lawyer said in it's just a different thing. And I believe still that this is the first background investigation in the history of background investigations that hasn't been reopened when new credible. Derogatory information was raised about the subject about the nominee. So you know, I. I just want to let the point you made stand without referencing. Sheldon Whitehouse democrat of Rhode Island talking with Chuck Grassley the chance Ed this is case. The letter was sent to the FBI the FBI sends the White House with a letter saying the case is closed. We're taking a breakdown. We're taking a break..

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