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Welcome to the female insight zone. A podcast dedicated to share insights from women who have made an indelible Mark in business and the pathway took to soar. Welcome to the female insight zone. This is Mary Beth Kozinski today I'm interviewing Anita Sanchez PHD. She's as tech and a Mexican American. She's a transformational leadership consultant speaker coach and author of the new international bestselling book, the four sacred gifts, and I hope that she will talk much about this. She bridges indigenous teachings with the latest science to inspire and equip women and men to enjoy meaningful, empowered lives and careers. So welcome Anita to the female insight zone. Thank you very much excited to be here. So the first question that I have an interview, lots of amazing people like you on the show and many of them. You know, if they're coach, they talk about this concept of transformational leadership, but I wonder, is this another buzzword? How do you do this differently? How do you look at transformational leadership? Well, I think that you could say yes on both counts in terms of it has become a buzzword, which I think is really kind of sad. However, when people began to actually do their work, it is not about a small step. Change that incremental we're talking about transforming. We're talking about a major shift in the way. One is being in the world or the wild one is thinking in the world and it right now with all the things happening in every sector that you can imagine in terms of divisiveness and other things, we really need to bring our best. So we need to bring it up in alignment. You know the best of who we are and that's why transformational leadership to me is so exciting. Do you think that there is a being gap today in corporations and in companies with people that are not necessarily transformational leaders? Unfortunately, that's the case. Unfortunately, there is still some mindset that you're managing people people. Don't need to be managed. They need to be inspired. They need to have models that show retired about being part of dizziness. I bring all the organization science a business, but I also bring indigenous wisdom and it's about bringing an alignment, the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical into alignment of every employee. And one does that by being really an inspiring leader who is truly transformational, which means there's really care about both the doing Carta business also on how you and your people are being as a care for them. Their whole wellbeing is a big part of this. So talk about the side that you bring in that you were just talking about the indigenous wisdom. What is this and how did you get involved with either indigenous populations or just talk a little bit about that because I think that's a really interesting story for us. Yes, while I'm hard indigenous, Aztec is my tribe moso Mexican American. And so I've always been growing up with elders, my grandmother particular nationally, but then elders throughout various traditions, but definitely in the Americas. And one of the things that I found in working for forty plus years with corporate leaders, whether it's unfortunate, five hundred or entrepreneurial new startups and things is that people can learn watts things. There's lots of knowledge that one needs to acquire to be able to do the doing however, what people are hungry for his wisdom and what I found after doing this work for a couple of decades, I was like, wait a minute. What I was hearing people hankering for more Moore's. Let's spend more time on being good medicine to each other, which was about the wisdom, and that's what we're hearts are hungry for we have an overload of information. However, we're hungry for our hearts really need leaders needed. So. Spratly is the wisdom and that's what we want to tap into. Yes. So I know in your book, the four sacred gifts. You have drawn insight from indigenous elders from Asia Africa in Europe and the Americas and talk about little bit about your research and how you went about writing this book. Well, it all came about because volunteer work of is doing one of these gatherings teaching young people who are gonna go into corporations, how to do it be in corporations, but how do you do that in a way that keeps you feeling the sense of being a whole even being rather than cut off parts of yourself? And we know as women and his men at different times. We think we have to cut off parts of ourselves, but that is separation is what causes suffering. So the Ford gifts that indigenous elders came together in the nineties. They built this beautiful nervous hoop with a hundred eagle feathers. And at the end of that weekend, they put four. Gifts in there for all humankind. Not just indigenous people for all time to remember that. We're in relationship with each other and I expect you'd like me to say what the forgives offer, everyone. I know what they are. I want you to say them, yes, yes, because they're so simple wisdom, which often wisdom is is about a living them. That's a little become difficult. So the four gifts to help us build harmony in connection with people, earth and spirit are the first the power to forgive the unforgivable. So let's talk about this first second. So terrible things happen. And so this part of the wisdom, one of the four sacred gifts is tune just simply forgive. It is true actually, no. Once that it would be easy. Forgiving. And when you look at organizations, both their people and their leaders are hanging onto all these hurts mistreatments. So forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting something where you were hurt or mistreated. It doesn't mean you don't seek to put it in right relationship, seek Justice in some restructuring or whatever you need. But it does mean you get free from being imprisoned by that hurt mistreatment that then you keep playing out projecting on your current situation. So part of the work is clearing that for leaders and for their employees that forgiving them, forgivable all to find that you actually then can call on using your energy for what you want to create and that may be seeking. Justice may be changing. Some policies are ways of operation. However, you are free see clarity rather than reworking what was well, that makes a lot of sense. So how about the second one. Yeah, the second is the power of unity. You know a lot about because I love your books, unity, of course, it's all entrepreneurial or

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