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It's after the show match how to look really okay. Well she she is her father's daughter. Thank you we just try too hard. I think going back. A few years. Bruce back when you first made your way to the wwf and started working for vince mcmahon. How did that come about. I know you had done some stuff with boston. Some stuff with the u. w. f. but then eventually you make the move to new york. How did that. I encounter with vince. Go and and how did you come about to be a full-time player there. We'll i was. I was working for football watson from boston. Houston and bill wanna to expand and during that time. Bill was trying to sell his company to jim. Crockett and the few times that i had worked for crockett. There just wasn't just sitting work. I mean i say didn't work but the gym and i had no report I didn't know jim crockett. So if time eddie gilbert was working at south and he told me he was going to meet with thence with mitzi. And he's a. Would you ever be interested in going to new york. And i said well hell and gave vince my name and number and i ended up calling this first thing out of his mouth was. Would you consider relocating the stanford. I didn't even know where. Stanford yes. And i.

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