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I wonder if this song would be on the list how does this less catch this is this is the new way that is the nineteen early nineteen eighties lewis stuff the the crap that we are all subjected to at that time what's the list or you're just talking about manuel noriega the strong man from panama the pockmarked strongman parents who really didn't have the axing ten manuel was growing up but nevertheless he's dead in case you're keeping score at home noriega is dead and yes i do believe he was in jail at that time from nineteen eighty nine basically when he was in custody on have you ever gotten a a song stuck in your head that of course we all i want to know the person who has not gotten a song stuck in his or her head because you are one of the very fortunate people you wanna dial up let me know i'd love to hear from you and then what i'm going to do is i'm going to try to stick a song in your head let's do that scotland stick a song in someone's head who claims that he or she has never had a song stuck in his or her head and i bring all of this up because you remember that i remember this like it was yesterday and it's almost thirty years ago now it's amazing to me noriega by the way was eighty three died after complications following brain surgery but uh remember he was trying to influence elections don't bring that up again and did and actually really did was a drug trafficker he was just a bad nasty do his regime was killing people left and right anyway everyone this is from the bbc music torture how heavy metal broke manuel noriega everyone has at least one song that sets their teeth on edge oh i have many and the list is too long to mention here but what is used lost.

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