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He talked with the people. This practice is very unusual in russia where politicians stay away from the people and never speak openly she says. These protests have been unusual in that they've drawn demonstrators of all ages to the streets. Victoria lava sixty one a photo journalist in moscow who also protested says that in the mid nineteen ninety s. Russia was quote nearly a free country. You could say and do whatever you wanted. But in the past two decades putin has passed legislation limiting the freedom to protest defaming. ngo's as traders and foreign agents dismantling independent media and increasing censorship online and in the education. System ev- elvis says that in the ten years that she's been actively demonstrating in russia. She had never seen so many officers in different uniforms. Trying to control recent protests. Some of them were police. Some of them were. Omon riot police and some of them were something else. I don't know what they were like. Ants all over the place. It was a horrible picture. She says i said why. Have you sent so many armed and military people because we're peaceful. Why are you so scared of us. She adds the photo journalist. Says it doesn't matter that navan. These political goals did not motivate her to protest. Of course. I want him to be freed. No one has the right to poison a human being if we can use novon lead to protest other kinds of ideas. Why not participate. She says shock off like many of those who have protested recently is planning to march again. But how long the demonstrations will last is uncertain one of nepal news chief lieutenants leonid volkov reportedly told the moscow times. His supporters would not protest again until later in the year to build momentum for september's parliamentary elections. Putin is certainly unlikely to be dislodged. by this. Bout of unrest the kremlin maintained control over society when tens of thousands of people predominantly in. Moscow protested for political reform in two thousand twelve and again when thousands rallied over corruption. In at least ninety cities in two thousand seventeen yet shock off isn't giving up hope just yet either. The protests will gain momentum. She says or the authorities will continue to achieve their goals through arrests fines and intimidation and people will go back to tolerating and staying quiet..

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