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There was you had to install font yadda used. A do you remember this or were you not using a MAC at the time? Font slash DA mover. Because the fonts weren't really files there was no, like fonts folder, and you just drug font files into that folder. And then they appeared that you, they were like resources like resident level resources. So you used font DA mover, and it would move the font resources into like a suitcase file somewhere, not a great user experience. It was often the butt of jokes like in MacWorld magazine. And then I think it was, I think it was system. Seven, maybe it was system six where they invented just gave you a folder into sit here. Just drag your files in this folder, and that's it. You don't have to restart or anything. They'll just appear all your apps. There you go. And then know MAC OS ten they made it even easier. You could just double click funds they'd open in the phone book app, and then there'd be a button. That would just say, install, and you didn't even have to go. Find the font folder, just you just double click them. It install. They're they are everywhere. So, yes, I, I give this a. Not just a finally but in a towel sized finally. Right. Yeah. Athen. I'm just so curious as to how it's going to be implemented, like, because, as we're going to be a centralized for positive for fonds away, there is for photographs and files, and how will the access the out with the install them? Can anyone provide the knits have so many questions? I do wonder I wonder what the holdup was like I've long wondered if part of it is security. Because there have been effectively modern fonts, the type in open type fonts are effectively software programs. I mean that's. It's a fascinating language postscript, but postscript really is a programming language. I had a professor at Drexel back in the ninety s who I think he wrote his PHD on postscript and just wrote like a lot as part of his paper, it was actually really good read. But it was just a lot of handwritten postscript to make really cool. Vector art. Yeah. So fonts really are software, and there have been security exploits, vulnerabilities over the years, where certain corrupt fonts or being able to install a certain corrupt fund could lead to problems. And I always wondered if that was part of it that the IRS is. Exceedingly high priority placed on security was one of the reasons I don't know. Yeah. I don't know. Either again, it seems like something that apple would be all over and certainly earlier on in the cycle than this one..

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