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Gift card from Cinderella Gourmet food markets. Johnny I know you love Catarella. Hey, hold on. Hold on, lady. Here's a question. Lady Gaga recently teamed up with another Italian American pop diva to record the hit single rain on me. What is her name? 877970. 29 99. You get the correct answer, and you win a $50 gift card from Terrell, A gourmet food markets fresh from the source since 1912 All right. That's a good question. I love John. I have this thing I were dug into John Viola and he is my buddy. And he is the son of Ah, Vinnie Viola, Wall Street legend and icon and Johnny. I'm telling you for the first time, and John, by the way, is executive director of No Columbus dot or it's the year We have talked about this for years. This is our year, We finally all got together and I know you played a big part in that, John and I thank you for that, my friend. We could be in a lot of leadership from guys like Joe making sure that you're keeping the message going and Making sure time Americans or where, how much we're together on these issues. You were great. Until when I'm on the air and I'm talking about and I and I read the spots, you know, and we have a big shout out to Frank Evo. PR great sales guy happens to be Italian, John. I'm just saying, but he gave most of his team is severely good. Tulip is give Debbie do Hey, She's the English gal in the middle of it up, But listen, we appreciate Well, you know, one of me forget to the testosterone man. But, John, I love that you step you stepped up and you bought in the Columbus citizens about Asia. The Italian sons and daughters of America. National Italian American about knee off and the order sons and daughters of Italy in America. You Niko, do you know Because I always say, Johnny Correct, Weaver, and you're a young kid. Man, you really are and all I know the time there was fight with each other. You don't get offended because they said one thing that this was a great eso. So thank you for that. Tell us about no Columbus that or God bless you for doing this, John, give us a breakdown of how you got this started. You know me, Joe, So I must have some childhood promise of my brain that makes you want to work with all Italians all time. This is amazing Initiative because you know, I spent six years in D C with the National Italian American Foundation of this sort of became a professional Italian American. This is what I do, and about a year ago, I was approached by three or four of these six groups. They basically said this Columbus issue is not fair. It needs riel exposure needs troops and the sixth largest groups in the community have put money together. They've all created a structure where you know no ego involved shared leadership of top total hierarchy free and they asked me if I would consider being the Kind of acting executive director, which I couldn't say no to that many Italian guys because I know them so well and they're all my friends. Of course. Yes, and I thought our mutual friend, my business partner had a boil on with me and big scene, but we felt that he's really the Italian Wikipedia so Yeah, we came onto this. And it was all about the fact that this issue is so much abused in popular media that even though it's not really an Italian American holiday at its root We as a community most closely associated had to say enough is enough to do something. You know how you know? And then Chazz Palminteri, my dear friend, you know, he narrated that great documentary that they great documentary explaining Columbus. Why can't we are? Maybe you're working on it? Because you're always a step ahead of everybody in a great way. We appreciate them. Does this go into schools Because You know the whole Howard's in philosophy. The whole Communist socialist of Let's ruin everything from Western civilization is really locked into the educational process of every public school. Is there any way to get what you have been fighting for? Certainly this last year and really telling the truth about Columbus inside schools, at least That's that's why I love you, Joe. That's what I've been working all morning. I have been thinking about coming on here because you're so right. I was reading notes on education moving this Maxwell kind face was said the Revolution is not gonna happen with guns can happen year over years we take over the schools. And we moved them towards egalitarianism marches on that it's it's 100, plus year old strategy to just completely gut people self confidence in democracy, capitalism and investor in thinking And you know, when we made this foundation that was the first kind of question was that we would create. Curriculums and workbooks and Matt and I said, because I had done it for so many years fighting this fight alongside you about Columbus for years that it's not the first battleground because I remember. I got interviewed for a documentary about seven years ago, and I forgot about it. It came out the guys that are gonna be very pro Columbus and I didn't mean of you. I showed him my collection of antique stuff. And then I saw it a few years ago, and the opening scene is in a class from a third grade classroom and the teacher's teaching these kids about Columbus by having one kids steal the other kid's lunch. And saying, OK, that's Columbus. These teachers don't want to really teach the truth. They didn't. They could care less where the source is come from their teaching ideology there teaching an agenda and were seeking out fact because This guy has been maligned, not because of him himself Person. She was definitely flawed individual, but he was actually one of the greatest celebrants and defenders of indigenous peoples. He's being the line because Western cultures align, and it's just a terrible abuse of one figure and a holiday to push an agenda. It's just interesting and thank you for the fight. We're talking with John Viola John is executive director of No Columbus dot org's k N O. W no columbus dot org's and a great Italian American and he got bad. Trust me. He doesn't need to be doing this. He could be doing so many so many things, but he stays vigilant on his heritage, and we celebrate ethnicity everywhere before we break. It's so true and I, but the people that are out there writing And they're taking down. Not only Columbus is taking a Frederick Douglass and to taking that Abraham Lincoln and this will show you It's just on education. And you know, it's weird because the means I get to say the mainstream media, But it is the bulk of the media doesn't question it, Young. You're like you're out there fighting alone. But I tell you what, you're making great headway this year in particular, John Viola. Really working hard, Joe and you know, the more people we can just bombard with fact the more people we can show that the primary source documents or never referenced the truth about this figure and the truth about the Columbian exchange with not but it's been made out to be since Howard's and we do turn people even if they won't say it. I mean people live less conversations who will Give you all the fact they agree. And then they have, but I still don't think it should be a holiday, right? Well, much agriculture pressure. But that that's not America Americas, Not a country sort of gives in to apathy. We we have to be strong and defend. What's right about our history and in our country, and then you turned down everybody. John, give my love to the family, man. You'd best John Biola. Yeah, the primary source documents. You know what? They don't even check them out. You right in the taran down in writing And on on a false narrative, John? Great. That's so proud to know you, my young friend. You're the best. I know. I love you and give give my love to your mom and your dad and to pad over there and please come back anytime, John. You're so welcome here. I can't wait to see again on the other side of this job. That's right, man. God bless Johnny. Thank you so much. John Viola right there. One of the brightest young kids. I know. Just a great great guy and great for you know, America..

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