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You can look at the prices, and you can buy what you want, and and you'll pay what you want, and it's not all that much money contract. For example, prescription drugs were about where they the prices can be completely out of. Where with with the benefits derived from the Madison. Now, let me ask you this. When the outset we talked about. Mike ask you, the less government involvement versus more government involvement, and I can hear some folks along the network line saying, well is this going to affect in any manner? What the government is already doing as far as quality control is concerned. Well, I think he's the along with alarm different. Like, what generally my are the what I would argue with you actually have more quality. If you have less government. It doesn't mean that we wouldn't have regulations in certain areas where we believe there are market failures. But in the end when you have people spending their own money or money that. By the way, because I don't money that they don't. They're going to make choices based upon price Christ and quality and they're going so people are going to help ensure better-quality by their ability and incentives to shop right now of a person many most people have little no incentives to shop services. They're not really looking at quality. They're not really looking at price quality. They look at the summit extent because it doesn't pack their care. But they don't have a really a really good way to judge it. When if they owned the money that would think fan who who provide though from by the way, you pay only if they had ownership over the funds they would shop, and they were derive the back values, and and part of that would be what being an understanding of a quality. And there would arise certainly people to provide detailed explanations of that. And and I think and I think we'd all be better off for it. But the same way we have consumer reports and other other vehicle for evaluating refrigerate. Now, I know a lot of employers have moved onto health savings accounts in their plans. Do you think health savings accounts are kind of a step in the direction that you're talking about where people pay more attention to what they're spending? Exactly. Yeah. This is this is this is really the point and how saving the concert one vehicle for happy for empowering consumers and consumer ownership of spending decisions. So so a company will put money, and so it's not attached directly coming out of the packet of the employees, but the department money in an account in a tax free account that could be used for how often alternate Lee. Ultimately the money belongs to the individual. So the individual has an incentive the person as an incentive to stand in the way that she or he most that will benefit her him or that year. He most wants to spend that money to derive the highest value from it. And then. What you do is. You your insurance became start to look real insurance. Which which protect against unpredictable and expensive lot much like insurance does with house insurance or or tire insurance. I mean, we don't our parents shrimps doesn't pay for repairs. It doesn't take work. Our gaps fill up our health insurance. We don't buy that for to pay a person cut our lawn. Well what? But this is really what what our health insurance that we have a system of first dollar coverage where? Where where where we we moved toward having a churn paper everything so we have extensive administratively expensive intermediary negotiating for for low ticket item that we could shop ourselves in a real market the way, we can you imagine? If if we if our if our car insurance paid for our Bill up at the pump. You would have preferred network you couldn't stop at at at at this one you you'd have to go to the door. We'd have no idea. What the what the price was because they charge about the price would would show one very high price. But you're you're in hiring would be paying much less. This is what we see. This is how we live in healthcare. And Dr Klein excuse me, we're going to have to take a pause along our network line here and remind the folks that they are listening to the Florida table. It is a service in Florida's talking entertainment networks. I'm Reagan Smith. I'm michael. Yeah. Think we are visiting with Dr Roger Klein, and we're talking about the cost of your healthcare. Stay put the conversation continues in a moment. Do you know someone with a drug or alcohol problem? Get help right now insurance may cover everything. Stop the drug and alcohol. Nightmare are drug and alcohol problems hitting you too close to home.

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