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They feel it immediately and it just like you do your thing i'm gonna do my thing whatever field that were in you know and you know food is really big right now because i think there's so many stories that the because food is attached to our identities you know and so i think that the more that we understand what were eating and and why were cooking things a why we're excited about it and we start communicating that way the more we understand who we are you know and so that's why i think it's really important that we as black women you know kind of explore in that space because because we can learn so much so quickly you know and and and so yeah i'm i'm really excited it i'm really i i know that it's just the beginning you know will you really truly are doing your own thing and i can point to one recipe in your cookbook that illustrates that and that is the chocolate chip tofu cookies and as i was walking round whole foods last night to get all the ingredients i was like where's the silken tofu hidden because i need you it's silicon tofu for these talks have cookies and i made it last night i never blended tofu so i blended my cell can tofu and i put it in the fridge overnight and that's wave for me when i get back home on i'm going to make them and bring them to the party tonight so we are you've heard me talk about this already but we are having a really fun event tonight forge wral at smith canteen in carol gardens brooklyn it is out on smith street and she will be there from five to seven signing copies of a book we'll have fun treats from the from the cook book books are magic will be there selling copies of black girl baking thank you to books are magic and whole foods and williamson omar supporting the event so thank you to whole foods marking and thought much williamssonoma we're so excited it going to be a really fun time i'm sorry we're running at a time because you and i can obviously talk for a really long time but you'll just have to come back at some point if you are not embryo if you're in brooklyn you'd better come to the events and if you're not.

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