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Are savings worth celebrating Staff No Then our back on our little old Sunday, show it has gotten much lighter and brighter here at the. Stadium it was so dark and, grey and you looked up and, thought oh, boy we're going to have rain. Again I don't think. So it really looks, very very pretty in the skies brightened. Yesterday When Chapman, was really, struggling in the ninth inning really. Started to rain and. You wonder where they're, going to call time and thank heaven He came back from three one down got the final out the Yankees one then it rained like crazy The. Game was over thank goodness If you have a Yankees or, baseball or any sports. Related question You can reach me, at Twitter at hashtag ask John sterling and the telephone number eight seven seven three three seven. Sixty, six? Sixty. Six and let's go to John in North Carolina Hello, John Hello how're you doing I'm good how are you all right. I got to comments if I may new walk in right field? Every day unless somebody is hurt.

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