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I was asked once during cnn interview i got a a bad tweet from president trump and i was asked jay doesn't that bother you i said no it doesn't and then in his self is a sad commentary i remember distinctly if after the on sally yates was in the well ended up as acting attorney general and she and i appeared together for senate judiciary committee subcommittee chaired by lindsey graham and president tweeted that that both sally yates and james clapper choked during the era in which i don't think we did but anyway i i remember thinking to myself you know if i had a showed up at the oval office and president obama had said to me boy you really choked on it hearing yesterday i'd have been devastated but but this president no yeah just struck me that when i read how hard you fought to get into into the air force and into the service that it might it must particularly gall you to to have your patriotism question well and it is a serious question i it but it you know it isn't just me it's others that he's similarly john mccain is private citizens here's the president united states reaching out and attacking individuals just because they don't agree with them or they're they're not in the business of agile eating him it's really well it's very very very unusual very abnormal you you had early in your career supervisory responsibilities and you you've written about one of the things that you were called upon to do was which was to discharge.

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