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808 590957 808 590 W. J. R. You can call our Texas there and also watch us on Facebook and on YouTube right back to the phone's going to Dave in Windsor. Good morning, David. Days and days. Put Dave on hold reconnect with him. It's goanna in ST Clair Shores. Good morning, Anna. I think comic, Kilpatrick say, Imprison it took what I have to get on there. I? Well, I agree. I mean, you know for me. Ah, yes. I mean, I think he committed crimes. And now he's doing the time. So I agree with again and thank you for the call. 808 590957 1000 apologies to Lillian in Brighton. I skipped over you, Lillian. I apologize. You're on the Frank Beckmann show. Good morning to you. Thank you So much for the bully pulpit to say black lives matter. The only thing now I feel like I'm feeling I'm feeling a pushback. From what I have learned. I believe if I cut myself and I bleed and they cut themselves we have the same blood. I know it's been really hard, but peacefully demonstrating is one thing destroying is another. And what I've learned this last week makes me very great. And this is what I read from The New York Post June 25th 2020 The founder of Black Lives matter, Patrice Powers and her fellow organizer's are trained marks. Making clear their movements Ideological off. Foundation. Collars, 36 was a protege of Eric Man, former educator of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization and spent years absorbing a Marxist Leninist ideology that shaped her world view. Also the other co founder, Alicia Garcia said. We are trained marks is now I think a lot of people marching for the black lives matter. Don't understand where this is coming from the start their leaders and that group Wass totally funded by George Sorrow, single handedly and funded Osco and T. Fox. We better wake up. We're going to be losing our country. Um Dylan, almost Oh, my, the Congress woman that she wants to dismantle America's economy and political views, and she fled from oppression. And now she must have us live in hope. Well, Yeah, I would better do something. We better stand up for our rights. People can't be staring down our monuments in our history. I am a first generation America. My grandparent's off work were killed by the Turkish genocide many years ago and Europe. And you know, for many years we couldn't hear Turkish or anything in our home. But, you know, eventually you have to say the sins of the father are not the kids and I let that go. It makes me a lot happier person. But also I want to quote one thing from real quick Lillian from Joe Biden and March 2019. This is word for word. He said He'd be damned if he'd be responsible to pay for what happened. In 300 years adult. He also so no one currently in live was responsible for that. People should remember this when they go to the voting booth. Yeah, I and I absolutely here, Lillian and I hear what you're saying. And in terms of Be a lamb. I mean for me the protests. Look, if if you're angry, you're upset. I understand If you're pro testing, I really don't have much of a problem with you Protest ng, even if that's the ideology It's the riders that that you have to separate from the protesters. Ifyou're peacefully protest ng. You know that's fine. That's that's part of what makes this country great. But when it gets out of control, I don't view the people who are agitators as protesters. Those are not the same people to me. If you're getting out to the streets because you want to protest because you're angry, that's fine, but understand that that those people are not the ones that are that are Literally rioting and tearing cities down. Those are the people. The peaceful protesters aren't the ones I I've I've I've been able to separate them s so Yeah, I appreciate the Colleen Thank you. 808 590957 805 90 W. J. R Let's try to go back to Larry and Commerce Township. Good morning, Larry. Tomorrow. The couple from Orient. Hoo! Ah! He pulled her handgun with captain based on last week. Yeah. Well, you know, he was a veteran. And he worked for Oakland University, and they fired him. Yes, you will never have to do cross the line. You talked about it yesterday. Are you so upset with Oakland University? I hope they do the living hell out of him. Larry to me. That is a that is a huge issue for me. Is is not allowing something to play out. That to me is is is a huge, huge problem that I have with with everything going on right now again, you want to protest you want? Do you think God bless? That's that's your prerogative, and you could do that, But but we have to let things play themselves out. The people are entitled to due process, just like you're entitled to go out and protest. So for me, I completely agree with you. In terms of due process. I think there should be We have to allow space for that. And right now, it seems like we're glossing over it. And that to me is that it's a means of problem. Anything different, and that's what he was doing, hoping that Yeah. I know. I hear you. Yeah, I hear you, Larry. I appreciate the call. Thank you. 808 590957 Let's go to rot in Dexter. Good morning, Rod. Morning going. I'm good. How are you? Hey, I have a 313 phone number and I did not get the emergency alert. Yesterday. My wife, nearly 517 phone number scared the crap out of one. The thing went off. She freaked out candy man downstairs, and she's like is you get the most nights and I'm like what she goes. The emergency alert said didn't get it. Just let me see your phone. Nothing. Really? So I did not get one either. Well, you'll have to check and see if that if that, Ah, um is turned off on your on your settings. Because that is an option. You can turn those emergency alerts off and you won't get those messages. So maybe it's off. But now I look, that's the 2nd 313 number. We've heard that that didn't get the message. That's very interesting. We'll keep an eye on it last night on TV, the emergency alert then came upon our cable company. Okay? And I envisioned myself. Oh, God. Please don't tell me she's going to use the emergency alert system to tell people to put man. Yeah, I got a problem with that, too. I agree. It seems like it's an abuse of the abuse of the system. But even though I live out here, you know and what Tony and I could not give the Three phones. Yeah, Interesting. All right. Thank you. For the call may appreciate it. 808 590957 already a couple techs here. I want to get to another call just yet. We're going to take a break here in a second. It's 100% political What I see nature thriving. I knew it was okay to breathe the air. People really need to stop drinking the Kool Aid Enough is enough from an unnamed texture with the mask. What is happening to our herd Immunity? We're setting ourselves up for a heck of a cold season, let alone the flu season. I agree with that. I mean, Ah, you know? Yeah, I I agree. I remember the governor talking at one point saying, you know, we've saved X amount of lives during locked down. You know, there's been a decrease in.

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