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A simple for standing atop it. The only thing here actually that's made of stone as well as the peeling would like everything else. The party is led around the small town to earthen ramp that goes past the inner wall over a dry moat and to the last wall of the ford itself atop set mesa another gate of loose construction rumbles open to let you in the forges. A simple square with one floor of stone and then two more stories of thinning would a pair of archers stand on the very very top looking down from the battlements cal test leads you inside and he says spot floors and administrative office for the town with the floor above being the personal carter's for officials such as myself The top floor is a small barracks. That's mostly unoccupied. So that's where you can stay while you're in town. Lastly there's the records coffers and emergency stores in the basement aways below. I'm sorry but that will be off limits to you. I'm afraid while you're while you're stay here. Why don't you take a few minutes to get settled in. I'm stairs and then meet me back down here if you are going to be staying and using our amenities taking from our stores we live according to the elkin creed here. We don't have things such as money and so. I hope you wouldn't mind doing some work to earn your share. Val val yes it is. Well sorry i was. I got so into character. Thousand character their clicks his tongue and says i believe my wife and i will from such things but we can provide the money as a means of payment cal tests. Just gets this like really regretful. Look on his face. And like i vary sorry my large ship but by order of the ascendancy. We cannot accept alvarez currency here will then if not currency perhaps we could be tonight's entertainment. I am very sorry. I did not catch your name. Oh dear you heard it i. I'm sorry my mistress data but we do also not partake in such frivolous things. We are expressly forbidden from doing so. I am unsure what kind of culture you elvira stem from. As i have only ever met one more of your kind before. Well under. whose authority are all these rules. Why the ascendancy. Of course through their emissary cottam ray his two beds that he has already gone away. Yes i i am sorry. There are many things here that the elkin make. Sure of for instance as you may have seen there are no buildings outside of darn break our agreement with the ken restricts us to the fort but we're not complaining we farm during the day and come back inside the walls at night we do have some pastures to the north and east..

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