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Traffic hi Tom Terry scattered downpours still moving in off the Atlantic will keep an eye on those for you during sunset hours tonight thing should start to break up later back to near ninety with more passing showers tomorrow more changes by the end of the week the extended five day forecast for times an hour I'm Jacki O. Brian delays are easing up but I see rain downtown traffic in four minutes on these ninety six point five W. de Villepin on Terry Marino is the rush Oshana addition of Orlando's evening news on news that a six point five W. DPO I'm trying to scale and I'm Kevin Rafe use the city of Apopka has joined a class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies because of the opioid epidemic the city filed its federal lawsuit and hired the same attorneys Orange County hired they say in case settlements in the case now in that earlier this month Purdue pharma filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy to reach a tentative ten billion dollar agreement to settle its cases with twenty four states more than two thousand cities and counties nine county school boards including orange in Volusia are going to the state Supreme Court it's for a battle about the constitutionality of a twenty seventeen loss of that war include steps the direct adicional money to charter schools as well as authorized a new type of charter school landed areas were children have been served by low performing traditional public schools the nine counties argue the law gave too much power to the state and violated part of the Florida constitution about local operation of schools construction on I four is still paused tonight after what happened on Saturday worker was killed and another was hurt in an accident near lake Lucerne in downtown Orlando thirty seven year old Ulysses you borrow SGL was hit by a concrete beam which fell while they were moving it into place firefighters say came crashing down trapping the bar underneath he was pronounced dead right there the other worker David Trujillo was taken to the hospital and is expected recover from his injuries all work on the twenty one mile construction site is now on hold while OSHA investigates what happened. bar is the fifth person to die since the project started and the second in the busy downtown area Tina Wexler news ninety six point five W. D. B. and it looks like fewer people are tuning into Saturday Night Live NBC reports a thirty percent drop in viewership for the forty fifth season premiere that's the lowest rated opener in five years hi Kevin Katrina thank you six thirty five AM Orlando's evening news we'll get to traffic in a moment first a quick look at your Monday night holiday forecast till tracking some scattered downpours and come in all the way off the Atlantic with the on shore breeze temperatures mid seventies as the showers break up tonight and still a few passing down force tomorrow better chance for rain were watching another storm system by the weekend they extended five day forecast for times an hour from channel nine I'm chief meteorologist Todd Terry if you are observing the Jewish holiday then it is your holiday forecast and not Tom will be back a little bit with the full five day forecast couple of pop up showers here and there we are seeing a little bit of rain moving right over I for now around the attractions maybe around Kirkman road area Jackie of Brian is in the safe that security triple team traffic center Jackie what's happening yeah lights on in the rain you're going to hit some no matter where you're driving right now traffic has been.

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