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Be modern day but this is what happens the person that asked the question things of history the person that is being asked just thinks of your tie on the time minnesota vikings i thought of john randall fran tarkenton nice then they got the detroit lions i'm going to think of barry sanders i guess my mind went to calvin johnson actually staffer green bay packers gers you're in my head all the time mark chamara you're such a jerk chicago bears dick mike single terry who do you think more chicago bears i think ditka is i mean they embraced him more i guess new orleans saints i thought of jeff george i don't know why i actually just thought dicko when you said that it was a drew brees it's still thought their carolina panthers i thought of messina muhammed i went dick aloma actually and it should be cam newton all the way he's the best player in their franchise history or steve smith that's what we should be really thinking of atlanta falcons now best are who's the first guy that comes to your head jessie tuggle i think michael victim i had verse sure it's still i'm still like traumatized by third the team we this fucking guy there he goes he got nineteen holy shit how did he get nineteen yards on that we dropped eight guys into coverage and they were all at him that's like what being cadillac williams uses there and do like when we played him because it was unreal but i feel like the bucks always beat we beat of it if it's still unreal the best football are still scared she always tore up the panthers but the bucks would always keep them contained they did for the most part but it was pretty fascinating i like when you read the teams keep it going tampa bay buccaneers jon gruden i thought of brad johnson brad it's gotta be gruden sat my mind goes right there to gruden sat right off the bat all right we're gonna last glass division here los angeles rams ceram 's i think torry holt and i don't even know i honestly did not have thought that went into my head i wouldn't like old school for a second ooh deacon jones are like man i i go to quarter i want jim everett for a second who is the rams best player in history let's see if they have any hall of famers well they definitely do they have orlando pays i guess i mean kurt warner marshall faulk it's hard when you see los angeles i don't think of them right away george allen is in the hall of fame their coach of course you gotta make watch for loss and los angeles throws me off but really should be like marshall faulk or we'll know what about their defensive pass rushers jackie youngblood joe deacon jones yeah jack young about played with a broken like seattle seahawks russell wilson bad due to richard sherman i mean it's definitely modern day guys i feel like more than anything arrigoni cardinals i went larry letting anything settle and trying to keep going i want larry fitzgerald harris zona he's the best player i think in their franchise history era zona i think of oh man jake plumber if i really on the matters to me the most jake plumber it's hard when you think about when i grow up i don't know and then last one is the san francisco forty niners which joe i did too i think him over the jerry rice which would be the next guy in my mind there all right that was all but we will read about your era of arizona cardinals like myra growing up as was like one of those teams that was never in the playoffs kind of pain in the butt never had that star player ever ever i mean as i as i got older aeneas williams became oh williams but they were always the team that got ask kicked in the nfc east and everyone penciled him in for six wins a year and then plumber came in with these comebacks and we were like man this team's annoying yeah they were even a little annoying in my dad's day i feel like that franchise really turned around after jerry maguire helped it out i don't think so might have made it a little more popular little cooler cooler yeah this game goes two ways either turns modern day or old school old school but what happens is you wanna impress people with.

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