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And Sunday. See client adviser for details. 11, 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Let's go to eat and Crawford in the traffic center in Virginia, Approaching the 14th Street Bridge on I 3 95 North found you'll hit those delays just about boundary channel Dr trying to get toward the bridge the crash on the bridge deck on the Virginia side. Is over on the left side. Single right getting by just just past the ramp for the North bound GW Parkway, the one that carries you towards Memorial Bridge. Now I believe that ramp is open if you need it, But if you're trying to get into the district State of the right in a single file to get by. This also affects the traffic coming off of the GW Parkway, South bound, making that curly cure apt to head in bed on the 14 3 Bridge. Expect delays use a lot of caution, trying to get as many people into the new year in one piece as possible. Additional issues in Southeast D C crash activity. This one is said to be involving a pedestrian and now it's an investigation. Minnesota Avenue shut down both directions between M Street Southeast and Anacostia history. It's a little farther south and we were first told little farther south of Randall Circle, then we were first told For the crash. And now the investigation on Minnesota Avenue between M Street Southeast in Anacostia, on South Dakota Avenue North Bound traffic comes to a stop at 31st Street northeast before you get to Bladensburg Road Crash activity lies beyond follow police direction to get around the Beltway remains mercifully quiet. 95, Virginia and 95 in Maryland, still without delay again in about on the 14th Street bridge single right getting by the crash activity near the Ram for the North bound George Washington Memorial Parkway. United Way of the national capital area, fights with health, education and economic opportunity of every person in our community, be a game changer by donating today. At the United Way and see a dot or GCI and Crawford W. T O P traffic now to Storm Team four meteorologist Mike Stanford, which weather advisory on Friday, along and west of the Blue Ridge. For tonight. Fairly quiet partly to mostly cloudy and cold. Er Carlos, mid twenties to mid thirties rain developing by late.

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