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Nascar live race day ricky stenhouse junior cross the start finish line he sees a checkered flag and stenhouse is going back to victory lane that was neil diamond bringing us back to america as well as ricky stenhouse junior that call from this race last year and you know this is really kind of making a name for himself as a restrictor plate as we saw when his first cup race last year in the talladega race and then he followed it up with a win here daytona that four horsepower something well at any rate he's standing by now over in the driver owner lot at the motor coach area with steve post we're gonna talk about be responsible and keep everyone safe it's breaks and there's a special collaboration going on within houses car this week steve but what did come earlier this year during the month of may fifth third bank has a contest is called what drives you twenty eighteen and what they do is they solicit small business owners owners in the region where fifth third bank as it's a contest the goal is to get on ricky stenhouse juniors fischler ford here tonight two hundred entries were received it was three final nominees and when it came time for the final voting by the fans it was one of our own doug herbert he runs the brakes organization but i'm motorized network you can catch them oh hosting straight line as well and doug's business name breaks is on ricky stenhouse junior's car with caught up with doug and ricky down here doug first off congratulations on the on the honour well that was awesome it was just such a great great contests that fifth third together to come on ricky stenhouse car with rouse racing this weekend is just it's awesome incredible and she'll get to see you here i've seen a bunch of my cohorts walking around the pits and talking to them and just a great event to be at and so proud to be here and be part of the organization such a such a passion vision that you had for what does it mean to you to be able to get a little bit more exposure and and maybe share a little bit more about what your business does well you know the i mean nascar is such a big you know the i mean you just look at this place it's awesome the daytona speedway and to be able to beyond that car beyond ricky's car and the and the honor of that and getting the word out to what we're doing two more fans out here the nascar races it's incredible we trained over thirty thousand teenagers from forty states and my goal is to train every teenager i don't want any parent to lose their teenager car crash and.

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