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The first covered anything i edit it was like perfect the first thing i ever directed the first pass assembly never never if anyone says sam is just great we'll be back with more of sam pollard discussing his new film on sammy davis jr after the break you're in new york city lease come to our weekly screening series strangerthanfiction every tuesday who show documentary the ifc center followed by a conversation with the filmmaker or other special guest highlights of the winter season include previews of two major documentary series coming to net flex one is flint town going inside the police department of the michigan city convulsed by a water crisis the other is wild wild country about a religious cult accused of crimes we'll be previewing two episodes of the series followed by qna with the filmmakers that you won't want to miss for more information go to pure nonfiction dot net sam pollard's new film sammy davis jr i gotta be me was developed by the american masters team at w n e t the executive producer michael kanter and writer lawrence maslin created a treatment that one funding from the any h than they reached out to pollard and asked if he would direct where we go hesitation because i grew up with seventy those junior wants him in one of his show in hollywood palace on the dinah shore show same with the route back this was a guy that i really dug you know and i just come off a living for alaves give me the four hour documentary on sinatra okay we have a whole you are examining your deep into the mail you and i was very deep into something that you're film explores is that your perspective on sammy davis jr probably depends on how old you are and.

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