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The storebought rare snowfall the parts of south texas as well nearly half of could etiquette school districts or violating state safety laws that acted after the 2012 school shooting due to the hartford court reports betty districts are not complying with some aspects of the law requiring them to submit various safety related reports to the state the newspaper says a hundred connecticut school districts have not submitted a school security and safety plan as they are required to every year barely twenty five percent of the school districts filed records of their lockdown and fire drills last year a new police recruits graduate from a connecticut state police program was wbz's art go and explains there's a twist abe labrador retrievers trained in detecting explosives graduated from the program in addition to the dog's aid human handlers also graduated the dog human teams include five from connecticut state police one from the mohegan tribe will police department one from the methuen massachusetts police department and one from the vermont state police all the dogs were donated by guiding eyes for the blind after it was determined they were not suited for guide work in connecticut state police teams will patrol train stations and trains from new haven to new york while the fifteen will remain at the state police canine training unit are cohen wbz news radio 1030 wbz news time six four he won we check sport saw this sunday evening a successful sunday for the celtics on the road we check in right now wbz's chris pharma in the com sports studio yeah mike it's gone final in detroit boston pays back.

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