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And ESPN app of Jan rider to soccer Dow in the groups announced for the two thousand nineteen fee for women's World Cup, which will take place next summer and France and the United States gets a favorable drawn. They will be in group f with Chile Thailand in two thousand sixteen Olympic silver medal is Sweden ESPN. Saccharine analyst Julie Foudy sports center with Mike leaves? Let's talk about this group f draw. What are the chances bet team USA, when's this group chances are good, actually, Michael? But the one team in that group, which is always it seems in the US group is Sweden. They actually have been in the US group the last five World Cups now. And the reason that this is such a challenge is we? Saw the two thousand sixteen Olympics. When Sweden actually knocked out the United States in the quarterfinal mind, you Michael the United States had never lost in a quarterfinal match. They had always made it to the medal round of the Olympics or the World Cup and Sweden did it with a compact defensive unit that was super organized, and it's the earliest the US has ever gone out. So this is top of mind for them. I would even argue they changed the composition of the US team. Because of that game. They got more creative players that can break down those compact defenses like Sweden did against them in two thousand sixteen that Robert runs a little deep especially in American spot when it comes to losing to Sweden, Julie. Typically, the winner of the group stage will get the easier matchup in the knockout stage, but you don't necessarily believe that team USA would get that. If they won the group. Why not? Yeah, it's interesting. And and what's also interesting is Sweden in the US game isn't until the third game. So as soon as they come in both with six points. Right. The winner of that group f would play Germany or they're gonna play. They're going to switch over to being they've played Germany, China or Spain. And if they win that game and around sixteen then possibly could face France. So I think actually the second place out of group f is.

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