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96°. Wow, and the heat's expected to stick around until mid week. So yikes. 1248 and WTO paid. Traffic and weather on the aids, let's go to Joe Conway and the WTO traffic center. Michael straight off in the district where things are moving fairly well on the highways I don't have any major issues to report standard volume delays on D.C. two 95 north and south same goes for three 95 across the 14th street bridge into the district should be mostly in good shape and sipped a little bit slow. If you're on M street southeast, report of the possible crash near fourth street, watch for the response honey, there actually it's going to be an M at fourth southwest near the waterfront metro station in units were just now responding. Going into Virginia, 95 southbound standard volume delays across the Aquaman between lords and woodbridge. Nothing but volume for you, the easy past things in north, out of Stafford, as you'd expect, farthest out of another brief slowdown approaching dumfries on the southbound side may be a crash report or maybe something going on in the median, keeping an ear open for any changes to what we already know, which is not much. 66 right now, we're in good shape both inside and outside the beltway. Maryland's side, two 70, northbound, your crash was north of one 21 clarksburg believe it's been cleared, most of our delays have moved upstream up toward Hyatt's town of lanes available in Gaithersburg, your crash was on clapper road near Watkins mill. Under police direction both ways at this point delays both eastbound and westbound there on one 17. Baltimore Washington Parkway slowing north and out of Riverdale and stretches toward long, nothing but volume again, fairly standard, eastbound route 50 is still jammed up from bay Dale drive most of the way toward the Chesapeake Bay bridge. That's about a four mile backup, mostly volume, no incidents reported, and the westbound trip is fine with three lanes coming across the bridge span. Brought to my vast federal government agencies depend on bats for real-time data insights vast modernizes data centric operations with the mission ready data platform built for AI that VAST federal dot com. I'm Joe coma WTO traffic. And a storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. Hartley sunny for the rest of our day, highs in the upper 80s, Labor Day some showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80s. Rain likely to stick around Monday night with

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