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So maybe Justify is the one that we'll do it and that we should pay a little bit more attention to. But it's a fascinating subplot to it because Johnny is right. Galileo was there and was incredibly influential for Coolmore for a very, very long time, but he was influential for a lot of trainers. And his absence changes the game. And Frankles are a different type. It's a different mentality with the progeny of Frankle. They act in a different way. They're a little bit more highly strong than Galileo's were. But the same can be said about No Name Evers and how highly strong they are and the temperament differences that they have compared to Galileo and their ability to be able to be that little bit more tractable, the ability to be able to race over a variety of different distances. Galileo's could be six furlong two -year -old champions, but also gold cup winners at Ascot. You're not getting a gold cup winner at Ascot by No Name Evers. You're probably not going to get an Ascot gold cup winner by Justify, but you might get an arc winner by him. It's going to be fascinating. It's going to be really, really fascinating. And this tangent was brought to you by Coolmore Start. Send your mare to 10 sovereigns now. I kind of sent us off a bit on that tangent. That was all me, son. Wasn't paid by the lads. I'm being reminded by Trish to tell everybody who the real superstar Stallion is, and that it's an absolute disgrace that I didn't. Wait a second. Where has he gone? Oh no. Oh no. Don't tell me I'm learning about breaking news on the show that probably happened about a year ago that I don't know about. Where the hell has Highland Real gone? Do you know, he's not a horse I've given much thought to. How dare you? How bad do you dare you? Briefly, St. Mark's Basilica is going to be interesting. I'm excited to see what his project is. Yeah, I was just about to bring him up actually as I was just having a little scroll through the Coolmore Stallion roster and I'd kind of forgotten about St. Mark's Basilica. It's going to be fascinating to see his progeny because obviously he's by CUNY, but he's got Galileo on the damn side, hasn't he? He's really interesting in terms of Stallion potential there. World champion three -year -old, European champion two -year -old, Horse of the Year. More importantly, it's the Group 1s, the Jewhurst, the French Derby, the Eclipse, and that Irish Champion Stakes, which was put up on Twitter the other day by somebody I can't remember who, apologies. That was a blinding race. I absolutely love that performance. I have to find out where Highland Real has gone. I presume he's just been loaned out or some deal has been done. Oh god, he's gone to Japan. Breeders' Cup winner Highland Real to stand in Japan in 2023. The seven -time Group 1 winner and Aidan O 'Brien's all -time money -winning earner goes to Akiyado Stud next season. Okay, all right. Well, Japanese blood stock is absolutely thriving and they're getting all the Stallions these days. Isn't that where Poetic Flair went? Poetic Flair and Siskin from the Irish Champion Stakes all went, well Siskin wasn't in the Irish Champion Stakes, but he ran that same year. He's gone to Japan and Poetic Flair has gone to Japan as well. Interesting. Interesting times. Okay, back on track. Greenland Stakes. So this is the race that we thought Little Big Bear was going to go for. They've decided to go to Haydock instead and it means Art Power is your favorite at two to one. It's going to be a British invasion and looks as though it's set for export. Garris for Charlie Hills with Ryan Moore booked nine to four. Michael Callaghan, who I know is busy at the Breeze Up sales this week. Colin Keane on board Twilight Jet, who's a very talented horse on his day and was really good at Nace this time last year, beating New York City. He was an old favorite of ours on the podcast. Who do you like, Mark Milligan? I like Twilight Jet. He certainly wouldn't be the first horse we've seen who was very, very precocious as a two -year -old and then hit a sort of wall as a three -year -old. And he goes well fresh, which is key, isn't it? He won at Nace on his comeback last season. I think he had excuses for both these two runs after that at Ascot in the, was it the Diamond Jubilee or was it, oh no, sorry, Commonwealth Cup. Commonwealth Cup where he finished last to perfect power. I think he scoped badly that day. And in the July Cup after that, I think he just ended up on the wrong side, to be honest. I just don't think that race panned out particularly well for him. I think both of those runs were a right or perhaps a bit concerning that we haven't seen him since then, but his record fresh kind of makes up for that for me. Look, this isn't a strong group two race, not by any stretch of the imagination. I don't think Art Power is quite the horse he was. Garris is a bit below the level of elite sprinters. I thought he kind of fell in in an avenue that wasn't a particularly good race last time. I think both of those are there to be taken off. And at the current prices, I'd more than be willing to be Twilight Jet. Yeah, I struggled to get to Cripps with this race, quite frankly. I went around and around with Art Power, Garris and Twilight Jet. And I think that the simple solution is go with you and Twilight Jet because he's pretty solid and he's a very fair price as well. I'd round about five to one. Listed race 305 over a mile four. Did we drop this race from the running order? Am I mentioning it by mistake? No, because I've got a bit of a fancy in here so we can run through it briefly. Let's go Mark Milligan, let's go because this is one that I am intrigued to hear who you like in. Yeah, now I was going through this because I've written a Saturday's cura races and this is one of the races that I featured in that column. And when I was going through it this morning, Attillion of Joseph O 'Brien's and Run for Oscar were both towards the head of the market. But I think there's doubts over both of them. Attillion has not been with Joseph O 'Brien very long. She was with David Menouizier. She ran poorly in a listed race at Cork on her first start for the Joseph O 'Brien yard. She was even money. She finished last of 11. I think also she's at her best with a little bit of dig in the ground so conditions may not be ideal. Also, Run for Oscar, look, we're going to have relatively quick ground this weekend. I don't want to be with Run for Oscar towards the head of market the in a listed race over a mile and a half. And I think Johnny Myrta's Mashure will just end up being too quick for them. I think he's just got too much of a turn of foot for them. He disappointed a little bit on heavy ground in the Irish Cambridge on his comeback, but that was over a mile. I think he's better over further. He won at Cork over 10 furlongs last time. He's done that once before and that was in the Duke of Edinburgh at Royal Ascot last year. But I don't think he was right that day. He was beaten 40 on length. He can't have been right. For me, I think he'll stay a mile and a half. He's got Mongeur on the dam side of his pedigree, gets speed from the Kingman side of his pedigree. I'm very keen on Mashure in here. I think conditions will be perfect for him and I think he'll just do them for a turn of foot. I like it. I particularly like the four to one that we're getting about him as well. Ben Cohen, Johnny Myrta, Johnny's sources are running well too. Let's go. Irish 2000 Guineas, Tadasol's Irish 2000 Guineas. We've got Royal Scotsman, who has been supplemented for the race and is the two to one favourite. Jamie Spencer rides in place of Jim Crowley for Paul and Oliver Cole and is the two to one favourite. High Royal O'Sheen Murphy and Kevin Ryan bids to prove that that was no fluke in the 2000 Guineas when he was runner up to Caldeen. Nine to two and on the drift. Proud and Regal has been supported today, a seven to one shot. I was pretty underwhelmed with his comeback, Ron. Higher up in the bedding is Paddington for Aidan O 'Brien and Ryan Moore. Pop quiz, hot shot. What year did Aidan O 'Brien last win the Irish 2000 Guineas? No, I can answer this straight away because I wrote about this in my column earlier. 2017, Churchill. Well done. Well done, sir. Nicely played.

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