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The good news of New Hampshire wait for in February every four years they won't do this again until twenty twenty twenty four by twenty twenty four but tonight it's twenty twenty it is twenty twenty vision on who's going to become the democratic nominee my name is Dan break the host of nights I hear every Monday through Friday not permitted to midnight Nancy shack is here Peter Clarke they're taking care of all things technical Kendall Buell is working on a new story down in the corner we have a lovely studio audience and joining me tonight is someone who I have really enjoyed over the years and I think you will enjoy him tonight PJ o'rourke he is a commentator a satirist sort of like a modern day HL Mencken I would say thank you Elvis high compliment on it transactions it apps absolutely is that I'm a big fan of yours too and by the way tonight folks we had to spend seeing with with phone calls as it's it's a very different format tonight we have a lot of news coverage we have all of the various campaign headquarters staffed we have the latest numbers that information we can get you all of that but first I I just want to introduce PJ to you for those of you who have somehow missed his writings what are you reading I mean what what what what periodical have you not written for I don't want to list the periodicals yeah there must be one out there like Trish crocheting news yeah something yeah yeah a modern bath mat no no you are associated with the Cato Institute I am okay which I'm very much similar kind a libertarian but probably not as libertarian as you well I don't know do do you have we can always do is is very very simple principles individual liberty individual dignity individual responsibility there strictly non partisan absolutely never take sides they probably have a little more influence on the conservative side of politics than they do on a liberal but still but they never go there well that five oh one C. three thing I assume prevents them from imagine would only be one part but but they wouldn't anyway even if even if that even if that tax provision more around though you have made a career out of writing and just doing a little research today do you still use a typewriter I'm told hi finally gave out did you want to because of the last guy laughed in within fifty miles of where I live here in New Hampshire who knew a lot of fix an IBM Selectric he died well I worked under inform you would have been in great company because we had a fabulous sports guy in WBZ radio for many many years he was the voice of the New England Patriots Gil Santos sure yeah and Gil to the last day working at WBZ radio use a regular typewriter absolute good for him so you're right you're in good company now you watch this you live up here in New Hampshire and do you spend a lot of time in various and sundry places speaking around the country and and and working out of Washington and and other large yeah yeah but you know you you have a sense of this state yeah I've been I've been here I've had I've I've had a place up here since the seventies so okay yeah all right so we're going to you're not quite native but well of your you know all you flat landers I'll always be from away yeah yeah that's what they do they call people flatly Anders yeah even the people of from Massachusetts I guess we got a lot of flat land so tonight we're looking at the numbers you and I are uprooting these numbers now and at this point it looks like it was about little but eleven percent reporting you know we started gets real numbers it looks as if the pollsters have mailed this brandy they do and they do and I got to say that the the the Amy is this is kind of a surprise in here for me senator from Minnesota certainly has she's up to twenty percent of the vote assuming that holds Elizabeth Warren the other woman accessorize me too because I thought she was running a pretty strong race in in New Hampshire and it doesn't look like it's happening yeah well it should she should run a strong race because obviously she represents this the state to our media itself and and she was here a lot which matters in New Hampshire I mean you got to be you got to be in person and in Hampshire when they say actually is bill weld it was saying that you have to shake everybody's hand no it was a trick that back because people jag said you had to check everybody sand three times before they said you're in my top five yeah no that's a good line and I was the the the the the thing the theory is that you know the the you've come up but it would be who you thinking of voting for a day what do you think about someone sell well I've only met him five times all right I'm not sure as a there's one the fun things about living in New Hampshire is that every single person in the state of New Hampshire is personally met the president of the United States at any given time absolutely yeah so it's not a server theoretical question you know and what do you think of a bomb.

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