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One of those incidents happened back in two thousand in a body mind just set me up an Instagram post of that story and that was the thing that happened between Marty McSorley on the ice with Donald Brashear yeah and it was a Canucks and Bruins game you know is a part of the game Canucks and Brauns is not always a part of our wow K. because parts not wanted a piece of Marty McSorley after Marty McSorley swung the stick kit for sure on the side of the head the Helmand fell off for sure want to the ice yeah the seizures on the ice so Brashear was chart I mean which really was charged he got eighteen months of probation got a suspension for a year and never ever ever return back to the NHL after that particular incident events a nasty one someone called cell this morning remember the Chris Simon white hallway one yup with the others islanders Rangers right yes I was a bad one Pierre Terry John Dale hunter punch him in the back of the head yeah I was a really bad one Max is all the be like Mike this is swinging a helmet is like swinging a stick yeah a you know and McSorley claim that he tried to hit for sheer in the shoulder and he missed and hit him on the side of the head our eight zero what's going on this hour all right brought to you by the rake eighteen auto group great offers now with the infinity winter sales event visit rake it's an infinity of Edison and Bridgewater we do finally have the local calls for you as this melee ensued last signing Cleveland's let's start with the Steelers first this is right after the play is completed and I'm sure they realize what's going on behind the play with miles scared and Mason road this new services which is two weeks from this Sunday heard the guy off Mike maybe their producer perhaps that was telling them about the helmet so was that as the Steelers call so they were kind of very mad I watch what we want and I let it roll for about three minutes or so just to wait and see after they saw the replay everything settled and they were very matter of fact about it just kind of you know talking about what was going on in the field and there wasn't any Hey point fingers or anything like that they they're both.

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