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Five to three hurdle vander cain with a hat trick tonight carbon with his new team and la bonk with a goal his tenth for san jose red wings and dogs after one tied at ones green and ritchie the goal scorers mike greene with a goal for detroit remember how many gavdos how big of a starry was making all that money now he's playing in detroit right like no one cares about their care somebody literally nobody except for for our capitals all over the islanders six three carver high's meeting tonight that his team despite j thirty second and bars all's nineteenth carbohydrates getting that they were tanking there they quick throwing in the towel quit last night the capital players and trots after the game said they they let us do whatever we wanted they made it easy on us i mean it was embarrassing other teams and coaches are saying that is the time to fire dugway and then doug weight after the game last night they lost seven to three is i don't know got up there and said you know i thought we played well tonight i know the score was seven to three but you know what can you do that's what he said that's a quote right there yeah direct quote i thought we played well tonight you lost seven to three i anti caps i hit the senators in overtime over the stars three two to everything else is going on as we speak now a fourteen point unbc lead over virginia the largest deficit for virginia they hit a bucket now and they're down twelve and one so they're trying to cut it to eleven there down twelve right now to the retrievers of maryland baltimore county we're on involved a more are you love and life in baltimore watching the retrievers aren't you all maryland fans do you even root for maryland.

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