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Three straight point game of the third time inspired basketball history is a long ball for three again arpanet by bobby war would award i should say word there you go i get it he's got twenty that's a seasonhigh comes in eight point nine a game emma's you as a jackson tragic ride wrangling goes ride in anthony right we gotta was well they're gonna say that journey jackson pushed off as he drove down the lane i'm a mobile that call but it's gonna be fall on jackson and the scoring fram issue is crazy jackson twelve bridges thirteen ward eighteen or thirteen boards we've got a doubledouble langford as twenty winston has eleven in our benches contributed nineteen points mcquaid lead zach group with nine three out of fire from longdistance man and what i'm talking about all those great scores even say comes down and miles bridges commits a foul picks up a foul just a little bit loose defense but it'll be cleaned say basketball threads the free throw line will be uh oneplus seven i wanted to go in this one free throws up and it's good by appleby's we will get the bonus he's got 60s owing two out of five no line in this game cleveland's davies shooting 251 neighbor something with field against the best field goal defensive team in america that being michigan state and trailing 93 forty seven under seven ago josh lankford as the basketball oh beautiful balanced baz download award regard riding around ganic for these you slam three guide twenty two way from tannen season eyes five away from china career i ninety five forty seven gums williams said no three ball this rob denmark by thomas rebound mentioning say tom's on the move nadal bridges smiles in the wearing factor tom now a jackson in the weighing anchor for three got it was pretty perimeter passing nearby michigan state at lag were nyse 23 used tied a high vows against north carolina and i was right another long ball this were no good by apple we rebound jackson michigan state down coroner comes during their lankford who misses the way of rebound panic her the rankings won the other way when the ball trailing worth three is rampant me right shots no good easy rebound for jackson so michigan state or habit in.

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