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Dollars get wine and favorites product ever seen take the break you choose it's hard to fans signed by Ball Brian a bottle of ogre sauce perfect for any and all meals fresh off the grill it's also gluten free for you pussies out there of course a bottle of Korea or thirty-three wine and lastly in your shipment you may find another golden ticket that's right to lucky winners gas we'll get a VIP pass to laughs with Brian of comedians performing that evening that's Fits Doc Dana Gould Kyle Dunnigan and more sign up a corolla drinks dot com for only twenty five bucks and cross your fingers because you and a guest may be watching Paul Brian from backstage with the rest of the ACS regulars so your mailbox and get ready for Adams monthly nut hurry we will sell out it's time to check atoms voicemail hey jim from Connecticut here just listen we're near the grass type and interview talking about nuclear power again you cannot be more right submarine often the navy and we've been contriving nuclear powered submarines for going on sixty five years tell you at the argument promoting this the US Navy we've got fifty plus submarines all aircraft carriers nuclear power no incident no accidents for over five decades thanks yeah you can leave us.

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