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Right, Stephen, we'll be checking back with you as a meeting coming at 5 30 this afternoon. That is CBS White House correspondent Stephen portnoy. Coming up in our top stories, we can continue to keep tabs on the aftermath of a four car crash along New York avenue in northeast Washington, the collision which led to some serious injuries, has shut down outbound lanes of New York avenue near bladensburg road, Mary will have an update for us in just a few seconds. South Carolina's Tim Scott, the only black Republican in the U.S. Senate has officially launched his presidential campaign today. Keep it here full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. And at one 48, traffic and weather on the 8s over to Mary de pampa. All right, thanks, Mark, and you've got it right. We've still got a crash investigation in northeast closing New York avenue. The outbound lanes of New York avenue are diverting to bladensburg road follow police direction. Don't block the box. And if you're coming inbound anticipate delays, there is a lot of activity and flashing lights, so plan ahead. If you choose to take D.C. two 95 work zone as southbound past eastern avenue in the right lane and you're slowing to get toward Pennsylvania avenue, you had been staying left to get by that work. Northbound Baltimore, Washington Parkway, three vehicle crash most of them sideways, your northbound at two O two state of the right to get by. North 95 in Maryland passing the Elk rejects it for route 100 left lane is blocked, work zone, both sides of the beltway and McLean between Georgetown pike in the toll road, you'll have the right lane blocked. Again, both sides of the beltway four 95 next project married to pump at WTO P traffic. Save rudin is joining us live with the 7 news first alert forecast. We like this weather can we keep it around for a while? We are indeed going to keep it around the remainder of the afternoon, even though we have a little bit of haze out

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