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I agree with you. And i think that all of a sudden this notion that he's going to be back he's going to carry the workload especially when his season kinda ended with this hip injury that he had. I i just. I have a hard time buying into that. Because the cardinals haven't shown me that that's what they intend to do with the running back position so far with cliff. Kingsbury being there. I mean they maneuvered around david johnson. They wanted to have more than one person touching the ball. How all of a sudden this chased become guy and he's talented. And i like him matthew. If this works out the way that you are suggesting that it could then. His value is huge. I agree with you. But i just don't know that he is built to carry that workload and i would be surprised if they are entirely reliant on him what happens. I mean you gotta look at teams have to look around other teams event. Forget their own situation. They go you know is there. How many teams really get through the season with one running back doing the majority of the work. not many. And a lotta times. It's injury that's the culprit. So i'd be surprised if they did that. In the draft here is divided you but my question to you is. There's no question. I'm not sitting here saying. Oh there's no way the cardinals don't do anything and they absolutely will add some depth. There's no question right so the question is whether they add some deaths. Somebody takes a take a little bit of a load off here. My point is an malcolm brown. Obviously miami but did they add a guy like malcolm brown who can take a series or to help out a little bit. They add a guy like that or they draft travis at yet. You know somebody like that where you're just like okay. You know what i mean. So that's that's my only question. Here chase edmonds. If he doesn't have to get one hundred percent touches if chase edmond gets sixty five percent of the cardinals running back touches. That's pretty interesting to me. This guy who last year was fifth in the nfl fantasy points per touch minimum one hundred touches like when he touches the ball. Good thing happens and go back and read any of the stuff. I talked about last year. We talked about this. The podcast i was. I was a big re chase edmonds and i said this multiple times last year chase edmonds the best running back on the cardinals like i don't know why they keep keep forcing in kenyan drake because that's the ball because tastes edmund. Should be the starting guy in arizona and various. It's probably a little bit of coachspeak. But he's coming into. We have full competence. Jason can carry the load so if at the end of the draft in free agency and we enter next year with chase edmonds getting. Let's call it sixty five percent of the cardinals running back touches. And he's the starter. I think he's still a top fifteen fantasy running back. Well i think. I think matthew their baby you guys are both like if he was the guy i think's devan. Yeah would be more optimistic. But i think we're all sort of assuming that there they maybe it's defying i are are are believers that it's more likely than arizona makes a running back investment during the draft. Which was that conversation again. A month and see where all net out. Let's move to aaron jones though matthew because this is a back that some thought will hit the open market instead of a year when running backs did not cash in for the most part. Aaron jones really did for year. Forty eight million dollar believe in maximum value contract to stay with the green bay packers matthew. And if you've got a good thing going you might as well keep broaden it. yeah you know. I kept chanting over the last three years free. Aaron jones and apparently what. I should have been chanting his pay. Aaron jones because i would have worked out that would have you know like we thought. Hey he's finally chance be free and now he's not free. But here's there is there's one thing That is a bright spot here for for all of us that have been part for the last three years of the free. Aaron hashtag jones movement. And that's jamaal williams isn't there and so i think that means it's going to be aired jones in aj To split some time with aj dylan but my expectations. They won't use aj dylan on the passing game. Nearly as much as they used jamaal williams. There's four games over the last two years which aaron's jones's played and jamaal williams has four games. Aaron jones averaged over twenty one touches a game. One hundred twenty eight scrimmage yards game and twenty two point eight fantasy points per game. Now it's a small sample size in one of four games. Was that crazy. Forty nine point game. He had against the cowboys. I think it was four touchdowns until you're like okay. Well let's use everything and you're like yes. It does but another hand. He had forty nine point game here. Withdrawal leaves out like that's the kind of potential that somebody like jamaal williams has and so you know Thirsty kyle look this up. Last two years when aaron jones four or more passes in a game he averages twenty one. I'm sorry twenty. Three point on fantasy points per game and without jamaal williams there. My expectation is aaron. Jones will be used for the passing game. And i think were passes. A game is not out of the realm of possibility for him so it was interesting. Where in terms of where air jones could have landed. I actually think landing back in green bay with aaron rodgers and a system that knows him in will use him and without jamaal williams is actually a pretty good place for him. He makes the loveless in terms of his fantasy value. He still going to be an easy top. Ten pick drafts come on 'em no disagreement from me. He is certainly a star player. Now paid like one nothing. The most interesting player on this running back love list me as akers. We talked about in a couple of different shows earlier. This offseason obviously finished really strong with los angeles and seems prime to break out for that. Rams backfield it. Look we've seen. What happens when sean mcvay commits to running back now. Nothing cam akers. Is todd gurley. But obviously look. He's one of the best offensive binds and football. And you think about the final six games last year including the playoff games cam akers twenty three point eight touches game five red zone trips a game when they committed to cam akers like he was freaking awesome right. I mean listening. Knock me out of the world and super super bitter about that. Like he'd done nothing about that. We yeah we not. And then seth markman throws into lineup and boom. I lose after being the number one seed all year long in the league. I'm still not over. But here's the thing cam akers like look. Look the part to the test. He was very productive once. They gave him the gig. And i think adding matthew stafford will make that offense more efficient or red zone trips for game. I think they will score more. I think one of the best things that staffer does play action. Some sure sean. Mcvay will use a lot of that too with a strong running game in acres That'll open up. Thanks for the passing game as well not scared to run when they getting close again you think about all of his success even todd gurley his last year in. La when girly wasn't todd gurley capital letters. He still was fantasy relevant because when they got close they still gave it to early..

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