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The first one. But really Columbus does are all just so little cute. It just introduces the story and such a great way. Wow. I don't know. I don't know if I've ever heard anyone say that that's their favorite the first one. Yeah. It's like saying the first Star Wars is your favorite because the start of the story is what makes it good. What are you doing here? Right now. Okay. We're interviewed interview Osco. Thanks for coming. Okay. So we are here. Again. What was your name? Timothy Timothy Timothy will you tell me what your favorite phantom is like within like movies or like, that's the fun thing about phantoms. Is it can be anything that you want? There's one person that's an orchestra was his favorite fan though. There was somebody else's said Harry Potter. It's another person that said you. So what is your favorite phantom ping pong ping pong table tennis. Okay. So do you use the Asian style? When you hold your paddle or do you use the American style nowadays man could stay tell everybody who doesn't know anything about ping pong what the differences. More risk control more risk controls. So how do you hold your paddle? If you are using American style holding the paddle you just just hold it and stick your finger cross. So you hold it. So that the paddle is on the outs like above your hand. Like, you're holding a sword right or like a knife or something like that? And how how do the Asian Asian people hold their paddle like a pencil upcycle pencil that don't they usually hold it upside down? Okay. So when I was in college, I played a lot of table tennis. And I used to play American style. But then I started playing Asian, and I'm actually better I feel like I have better control for it. So what what do you love most about table tennis? Hand eye coordination just getting so you in a league or anything like what are you? You just do it at home, or I just do it with of people that I know. Yeah. So you like the competitiveness of it. Or do you like just being with friends like just being friends, you know? And that's the great thing about fandom is that it can bring people together. No matter what it is whether or not it singing, or it's superman more it's captain America or a bunch of people hanging out talking about phantoms. Well, thanks for being on the podcast today, buddy. Talking about table tennis. That's awesome. All right. We are here with what is your name. Oliver oliver. Okay, Oliver you are wearing an awesome 'cause play and 'cause play is a huge fan of. We talk all about phantoms here on the fan of podcasts. So tell me what you're dressed as and tell me why you specifically chose this 'cause play to do so. Yeah, I'm dressed as a Warlock from destiny destiny. Oh video games. See here. We go. Yeah. So. He's being distracted by. Skinny boy and a tank top. Now, this is my friend Daniel Daniel, do you want to be on here here? Throw these on grab that mic. Right. That one's a little short. I'm sorry. Are you go? I turned it down. So those loud, I can hear myself. All right, Daniel. So we're talking about destiny here. Do you play destiny? I do. Okay. So crazy taking game. But he is he's a he's a Warlock from destiny you guys both big gamers..

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