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Person. Tell me someone you look up to and why you know. I look up to a variety of people But it's all for different reasons i. It's it's tough to one person with the i'd say the people that influence away at work the most obviously my team what what am i teams needs and who do i need to be for my team today versus tomorrow for next week up. You know. that's something i feel like. I don't even personally do a good job doing on a day-to-day debate day-to-day basis. But i would say my team is the one that influences you know. Those are the people that influenced the way. I work the most when it comes to mentors who i look up to their variety people. I would say one person that really helped shape me. Unfortunately she's no longer with us. Name was bill ryan He was A company that basically brought Gps to police cars through software And and not just police cars but like ambulances fire departments etc start and you know he was a he's a fast talking yorker that i met through texts since the company just barely started and remembered he would he would not mince words. His feedback was direct honest brutal at times and i loved him for it. eventually had joined the board of directors unfortunately he was a first responder Basically nine eleven and he passed away Now a couple years ago from complications due to lung cancer. The yacht from from from respond. Nine eleven And he he made a big impact on be at members of leadership of the copy will never forget him for that. We talked about a mistake right but a little bit different spin. If you could go back to the beginning what would you do differently. Or where would you consider taking a different approach. I'd have to isolate that question in a two different parts because my immediate answer is an answer that everybody would have on every decision they've ever made life. Which is i now. Have the benefit of information. I didn't have previously so the decisions that would mean how to spend money. Obviously we wouldn't have had to pivot who've gone directly door. We're going today Their decisions. I would've made when it came to tech debt. Like we talked about when he came to how to approach sales who to hire when. Sometimes we hired people too late sometimes. We hired people to early decisions on on fundraising on how to take money from. I mean i love my investors. I don't regret taking money from any of them. But these are the types of things. I think we would have done differently. But that's because we have information. Now i think holistically when it comes to starting a company overall There are certain things that i would do differently. I with now understanding how to get to where we got today and potentially we're we're trying to get to their things. We did right understand the problem. I always talk about you know fall in love with a problem. Don't fall in love with a solution because when you fall in love you get tunnel vision. You have to keep the fall in love with problem to keep pivoting making the right decisions. Not getting emotionally involved remaining intellectually honest etc. But more importantly they're aspects. I think starting this business that would have gotten us to where we wanted to get to faster just again. It's it's at lean startup. Approach that i talked about where you pick that that cl- that cleaner one feature item and you you go out and actually try and find out who all the key. The one thing free is calling as many customers. You possibly can trying to get a sense of which of these customers are gonna help you build your product you otherwise a waste so much time and customers who. You may never sell to that. Don't adopting those not the people you want to talk to the beginning. People talked to her or like the chief executives that are hungry for innovation and our risk takers and are willing to take risks on things like this. I mean finding customers like that and trying to build a product piece by piece with the right people like we had with grover. Beach in tucson is so vitally important. We got very lucky with that outside of that. It's about assembling the right people. Your team i got fortunately by team in the beginning you need a technical co founder that roll up their sleeves and and code and actually build something and put that together. We had that You're gonna need people on the sales side that are scrappy. That will do anything for a sale. But that aren't like you know coming from a big company where they're gonna get leads and that's how they do things now. You need people that are just hungry. And you're gonna hustle and do it that way you just about the right people that you hire on that team and and and the way you make that product and grow the company that sense those are. Those are like your fundamental principles. I think will help you build any company successfully. We'll rule last question. You're getting on a plane. You're sitting next to young entrepreneur. That's built the next big thing. They're jazzed about it. They can't wait to show it off to the world could show it off to you right there on the plane. What advice do you give that person having gone down this road a bit assuming that this person is you know they're not like i don't really care about this. I just want money. If they're if they're a true entrepreneur trying to solve a problem in the money comes from solving that problem. In that sense. I would say like what i just said fall in love with this problem. Keep your eyes focused on this particular problem. Do whatever you have to do when it comes to understand. This foam solvents from but don't fall in love with any of the solutions. Don't follow within. The people are going to sell you the snake oil. Nothing else is as important as this problem is important. And if you have that problem solving that problem as your guiding light then you'll get through everything else you'll survive. The emotional roller coasters the ups and downs. You'll be able to solve the promising to do to get to that bigger problem that you're trying to solve you'll go piece by piece you'll stay motivated for. I'm six years. Ns you'll stay motivated for a longer period of time. You have to really want to solve this. Probably to fall in love with that and that that's a few you'll need to get to the show. That's fantastic advice will rahul. Thank you for being on the show today. Thank you for telling the creation story of spider tech. You gotta know any time thank you in. 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