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Seen a Anderson just re tweeted a Dale Daniel Wallace who's a is the legal analyst Antonio brown has been ordered by a Miami judge to appear for deposition tomorrow morning at nine thirty the deposition which will be videotaped part of a civil lawsuit alleging that he trashed a multi million dollar condominium unit he was renting in early twenty eighteen so they just keep going on for Antonio brown all right the JT of Washington or. Jeff Dickerson is the John time of Chicago joins us now here on ESPN one thousand he covers the Washington Redskins John thank you for taking a few minutes for me what can the Chicago Bears be concerned about that Washington does that well it could cause you problems. for you start off with the tough questions right away there there you go. there are you know what the Redskins have done well the first couple games this is create big plays for the receivers they're not always hitting them but they are available and that's mainly with rookie Terry McLaurin there is with just a couple I mean listen with good passes he could have usually usually could have had for fifty yard plus touchdowns in the first two games that's what was available to him or actually I should say the Redskins could have that many three of them would have gone to a court so that's something that they're going to pay attention to but you know and they've done a good job of protecting keen on through the action of the play the formation the design etcetera but that kind of plays right into the bare strength right so I think defensively what the bears would have to worry about is they actually have better person now than there. why is showing they get Jonathan Allen back so they can kind of three of those take away the one with Alain Delon pain inside then I think they'd be concerned so the narrative that is being spawning here in Chicago is Hey man you're playing the red skins and they're not very good and Jeff Dickerson was on earlier and said I can promise you they are going to try and open up the offense and make this stat book look really good I'm Mitchell to risky because you could throw on Washington will the bears be successful trying to do that. well they certainly have a chance because that has been what the I'm always the first couple games the Redskins will be without another start without one of their starting corners when Dunbar this week they have a rookie slot dodging Moreland seven trumpets they like him they like his future but he's a rookie playing is Thursday and then they get one of their other corners backstage and low but he hasn't played in a game in more than a month so I don't know what to expect from him and so there is there are opportunities there there've been some coverage mishaps break downs a lack of discipline were or not maybe not. not and you know sometimes it's not a matter of not doing your job it's maybe find some better instincts to prevent certain things sometimes it's been relying plate you know calls out to the side and it's not getting delayed all the way and one year old ten guys get it one guy does and and it's a busted play so that's happened all all of the first couple games yeah the opportunities will be there for for that I mean that's that's definitely the case made there she did pretty well against Carson Wentz for a couple quarters in the opener and then a couple does break downs lead to too big to shar Jackson place and that was it and that it was once his ability and this is played Mitchell biscuit was what's in the bill would be to extend plays outside the pocket that lead to other key third down conversions we're talking to John Carney covers the Washington Redskins at a day by day basis for ESPN okay so the bears are known for having perhaps the NFL's best defense their front seven is B. slate with Khalil Mack and Eddie Goldman and a keen hex and Leonard Floyd and Danny Trevathan a row Quonset mean they're really really good. please grade your offense of line through two weeks so what you expect them to line up with tonight. the line is done very average at best now the past section there's been solid but it again I think that sometimes there is often a function what they've been able to clean the past games so keep them in the first game is able to get to that one step hitch and get the ball out and then to also use the chat actually no use the pool a lot of play action they'll move the pocket was that to to help Kim I think but when you look at it like when you go back to what they have you know a lot of sense to them when you go back and look at some individual quite like their flowers about start well he he's he hasn't given up these disastrous plays but it's close right it's it's close to happening more often than they probably want to do that the right side right tackle Morgan Moses without trend Williams there he's got to be the bedrock tackle he has they get called for a lot of holding penalties and Moses in particular like our brand sheriff is very solid he's had a couple holds pretty solid guys workings of hers the right side is with stones and again that's more or less a tacky Moses so they get if if Khalil Mack coming off a little the last and you're in that situation I think the rights is going to feel a little bit on because we're going to be a couple no matter where mac. but I think if that's the side that is supposed to be there that rock side and it hasn't that so I think there is definitely there would have to be there is a concern bank with the red could have to do to mitigate that as much as possible down to stay in positive down and distance situations that they they've been able to stay mostly on those. the first couple weeks and that's also second sex sex even second seven as long as it's not second thirteen they feel their okay and they can still want what they want to run so that's you know but that is not it's not the greatest match ups with this team especially with traveling itself so if you look at case Keenum as numbers he's been really good so far early two seasons ago he was in Minnesota he was really really good yet they went. we he's not the guy with the get us where we got to go let's go spend ninety million on Kirk cousins and he's been okay he has a big great may have gotten where they want to go so far yeah what is it that case Keenum dies but nobody seems to go yeah that's our guy will take him. well I work the numbers numbers of the good but there have been opportunities for more attacks I mean the the past play design has been really really good and they're just seven plays into the mess in the in the opener yeah he has turned accord for I think is a sixty nine yard touchdown pass what they have available later in the game for a similar length of this what would you serve on a touchdown pass is open by about four five yards and overthrow the bike out for you four five. so here so the and then last week on the next record he had a bad fall on the opening play that would have you the benefits down for a first down inside the twenty inside the house twenty he misses that and there's been some other players worse like okay this is available if you just a little more patient you've seen this that is there and they had another one where Paul Richards and sprints his basically right face the mesh route and takes off down the bill to field and nobody's within twenty yards of on I didn't see them and it's down the middle of the of so like plays like that are what you also see with case to them and so I think there's there's a yes the numbers of a good I think with they look at this stage but it could be a lot better now will he get now in fairness to him it's a second he's only played two games this offense it's a new it's a new system for Hannah's new receivers etcetera etcetera so will he get better with that I don't know but I think that's also part and I think the one thing he's done really well here though guises deported paternal and that's something that to watch tonight too because you haven't had an issue with that and that has been an issue in the past and you know so I think that's all part of the Cuban experiences and their stuff that he does well and there's the other side the not seeing everything not getting the same maternal version is afforded to turn over so far all right as I let you go what do you think happens that I give me the prediction from your seat. all I do is I think what the Redskins do well again is this they passed the ball well in those days and the guitars open I just think that the hard part is that they're playing into the strength of the bears and I don't have much competition the way the defense is playing directly that you'd have to a camera is two fifty two and sixteen at home on Monday night at FedEx field it's just it's not a good atmosphere at Mr here right now with fans of this team or anything like that so I'm going with the bears just because the defense I think is in a constant problem now all right have a wonderful rest of your day and enjoy the game tonight okay. thanks for IBM we appreciate your time there you go John kind ESPN in Washington he is the red skins beat reporter alright gotta take a time out Carmen and your code will be in here for cross stock will get their perspective and have some fun this is ESPN one thousand capa company the first Midwest bank.

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