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Pretty much what a lot of people are talking about. Today. We'll also talk about rolling over those forgotten for one kid counts and putting that money to work. Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert are here to help you grow. Keeping distributor wealth in the most tax efficient manner possible. Ryan Herbert, How are you Straight to see this weekend and other than one? Awful. It's nice weather outside. We are At the anniversary, the 20 year anniversary of 9 11, So you know, we're always trying to remember and And never forget, But we gotta have a plan for the future. And that's interesting because as Americans You know, today is a tough one man. Uh, it's 20 years and we we reflect will never forget, But like you said, we always have to be looking forward and The premise of the show is to help you prepare for retirement, you know, and and that's what we're going to focus on. Even today. I think that the unique thing about what today is is that this is probably One of the few times where you can think back 20 years ago and know exactly where you were what you were doing. At this time, and I think that's fairly unique in that aspect, because there's not many other times where I can say 20 years ago on the state I was doing Fox and you know you want to, you know, you want to remember that you want to have a plan for the future, So that way retirement can be memorable for you. You think back It was 20 years ago and where we can be in retirement for 20 years for 30 years? Uh, and that's a long time and can people conceptualize before? Building a plan with you guys at the savvy investor, radio and Status Financial Advisors group. Can they Can they comprehend what that's going to look like that? That that time span 20 to 30 years in retirement is a long time? No, I don't. I don't think many people do you know when listeners coming from the radio show,.

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