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Patriots, Falcons, Super Bowl discussed on Mike Francesa


Surprising that they are when they love their first regan they will lobby in a way mutual and i will that opening we gave their area no doubt coddle a great opportunity to be in the final seconds the lion game was handed to him yet they were three you know the end they had game with buffalo and miami coming up and i think we just assumed it will work they'll be fine they'll probably win these next twogame and they'll be five at all play in the patriots and the falcons you know they'll be there again not they'll get through super bowl but they'll be there again and what's happened over the last three weeks really the last two against worth the previous to a because the patriots of the page right right to lose the buffalo the way they did our care who got hurt julio jones got banged up in that game homage to know took loathe the lead against the talibans in their old building they did it yet ever last week against the patriots defense they can't stop anybody these school one measly late touchdown what the heck at war with the falcons and it's a great opportunity here for the jets the bounce back while the thing that worries me this game is at the you know you are playing their fourth could secutity afc east t meadow ruddy grated would schedule works out the plaitiff worry if cisse teams and rome yeah and everybody else's beat him but i i think you're right prominence on it's a game in home what we're seeing software at least through too far sevengame jesse jets are to brutal wars is in a row last week a gainers joulwan gloat or fourteen point lead the fourth quarter no question about it the terrible pick at the end by account with a what they received the jets were the first seven games is they are playing heart for sixty minutes every day.

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