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Those who are responsible for the homicide Last night. The founder of Patriot Prayer says the victim was a supporter of the group. President Trump's supporters arrived in a caravan with as many as 600 vehicles to drive through the city. Violence also erupting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after a police officer shot a black man multiple times, leaving him partially paralyzed. Another man is accused of opening fire on protesters, killing two and injuring one U. S representative Val Demings on CBS's face The Nation. I think what we have to do is all take a deep breath. If you want justice to be served, we've got to wait until a thorough and complete investigation is done. We do not want to play judge, Jury and executioner. Whether we're talking about Mr Blake are we're talking about the police officer. The president plans to visit Kenosha on Tuesday. The Boston Marathon goes virtual. The event was rescheduled from April to fall. Now runners will share videos of training, motivation and execution all broadcast on a week long. Special in September. America's listening to Fox News From the fucking news podcasts network downloading, listen to Tyrus and Tim. I really believe it was the best choice for our show. I was kind of hoping for there's somebody else got in. I'm like, I can't do that impersonation you probably could. But we're now back in 1952. Where if you did that you're a racist person and you be fired because you can't be an actor and betrayed character.

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