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There and at the end ensure she told police the man's wife got out of the car and said she shot her husband that she was aggravated by him seventy four year old Fay Richard was arrested at the scene her husband was taken to the hospital in critical condition of former mail carrier in more has pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in exchange for diverting packages he knew contained marijuana and marijuana vape pens sent from California twenty six year old gestures Elian of Yukon appeared in Oklahoma City federal court yesterday and pleaded guilty to accepting a bribe is a postal carrier he faces up to fifteen years in prison and Oklahoma police officer arrested as we hear from Beth Myers Boswell police officer has been arrested for allegedly pawning is own department issued firearms the O. S. B. I. says thirty three year old Sean car pond for firearms two weeks before Christmas he was arrested Monday a Boswell city hall he was taken to the Choctaw county jail his booking photo shows him with a large grin on his face authorities from state and federal agencies will meet and conduct searches today and tomorrow for two sixteen year old northeast Oklahoma girls who disappeared in late nineteen ninety nine and have not been seen since the US department of the interior's office of surface mining reclamation and enforcement is joining the meetings and searches were actually Freeman and Laura Bible who are presumed dead authorities believe Freeman's parents were killed the girls kidnapped and the freemen's mobile home set on fire on December thirtieth nineteen ninety nine Ronnie dean music is charged with murder kidnapping and arson in the case he's denied involvement the Oklahoma court of criminal appeals upholds to murder convictions and life prison sentences the court rejected appeals by sixty eight year old Ernest Lewis and thirty four year old Michael issue.

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