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Returning to our breaking news on Jamal Shukshis fade in President Trump's complained that the Saudis are being assumed guilty until proven innocent earlier today, the president tweeted about what some have reported a complicating factor in this whole affair. Namely his multimillion dollar financial ties over the years to various Saudi citizens. But here's what the president tweeted quote for the record. I have no financial interest in Saudi Arabia or Russia for that matter. And he's suggestion that I have is just more fake news of which there is plenty. No financial interest in Saudi Arabia is the key line there. What he doesn't mention is the millions he's gotten from more than a handful of Saudis, CNN business and political correspondent Cristina Alexi. Saudi Arabia, and I get along great with all of they buy apartments from me. This spend forty million fifty million my supposed to dislike them. I like them very much Trump's financial ties with the Saudis date back to the nineteen ninety s in nine hundred ninety. One when one of his casino projects was faltering under a mountain of debt, a Saudi prince purchase Trump's two hundred eighty one square foot yacht for the hefty price of twenty million dollars ten years later, public record show Trump sold the forty fifth floor of his Trump world tower in New York to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for four point, five million dollars in recent years since Trump took office, his hotels have benefited from Saudi business between October twenty sixteen and March twenty seventeen. A Saudi lobbying firm paid Trump's Washington DC hotel more than two hundred seventy thousand dollars for food and accommodations. We don't know really very much about his efforts to open other properties in Saudi Arabia. We don't who is. Earners would have been, we don't who would finance them and we don't know if you could restart them again down the road. Trump's Manhattan hotel on central park, west solids, revenue increase during the first quarter of twenty eighteen in part because of a visit from Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman according to a letter obtained by the Washington Post in the letter. The hotel's general manager wrote that been so men didn't stay at the hotel himself, but said, due to our close industry relationships, we were able to accommodate many of the accompanying travelers. Of course, the public doesn't know the full extent of Trump's business ties to the kingdom because he is not release his tax returns or other financial information would certainly be very easy for foreign officials or people close to them to drop a whole lot of money without us knowing about it unless or until we see the business records and conceivably tax returns as well. We do know from his 2016 financial disclosure. Trump had one hundred and forty four registered companies with dealings in more than two dozen countries. Eight of them were Saudi related companies. All of those companies have since been dissolved returnable situation as the cries for the president to take action against Saudi Arabia grow louder. Americans are left to wonder what's driving Trump's decisions. Now, of course, the larger political question is, are, is this relationship or these business deals part of the president's consideration when it makes decisions about how to go forward. Christina. What's the Trump organization saying about this Trump's spokesperson responded in a statement to me Anderson saying like many global real estate companies. We have explored opportunities in many markets that said, we don't have any plans for expansion into Saudi Arabia, but Anderson when I pressed further and asked about Saudi purchases of Trump condos or hotels days, I did not get a response Anderson, Christina washy. Appreciate it. Thanks. I want to check in with Chris, what he's working on for prompt time. Chris, all we got good stuff for you tonight. My friend Anderson even you're gonna have to smile for there. It is. So we're gonna be talking about what's going on with Saudi Arabia and the president's disposition toward it that it's like Cavanaugh. He's guilty until proven innocent. Why would he say that? Why would he call a woman horseface what is going on? And of course, the big headline about Donald Trump our president saying that Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney lied what. An interesting position when he has to know Anderson. I'm a command away from playing a tape that proves that he is lying and we'll do that tonight. All right. I'll be listening five minutes from now. Chris. Thanks very much endorsement. Yes, I'm government there..

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