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They can take this but there are things that they can do as far as their lifestyle to increase their testosterone. Right now. what if a young guy does want to go that route and they do want to do those things What should they be thinking about before. They make that jump like for example marks talk and marksman opened about his his use right and he started. He was twenty five right but he's already been lifting for a long period of time before that so for younger individuals who are thinking about going into that realm. What should they think about before they do that. That's a difficult question from a doctor's perspective Obviously ideally then they don't do that but What a lot of my colleagues had advocate for is just learning as much as possible before starting so there are talked about this in his videos. Steve talks about the videos and different people who are fluid influencers if you will A lot of times just by helping both the good and the bad because there is some good as you mentioned but by also including that an honest assessment of the bad things that often happen. It convinces people not to so. That's almost more of a cultural change. Though the same thing when it comes to any other substance that can be used whether it's alcohol or opiates or nicotine is having an honest assessment of some of the negatives so seventy years ago pretty much. everybody used nicotine partly because we didn't know about the long term detriment and it took a long time for that cultural change to start kicking in and heavy to benefit so hopefully as people are talking about it. More openly people will not be so aggressive to jump on in and Recklessly start however that being said if you're going to start and you know that one hundred percent and you definitely want get good baseline labs and that's not just your baseline testosterone level and baseline lipids. And whatever else good baseline all inclusive comprehensive labs you mentioned.

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