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The universe and everything it was Douglas Adams hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy said was number forty two okay people like Robert Anton Wilson will tell you twenty three macys will tell you it's thirty three or thirty two or whatever I I don't know I mean would you see that's the thing numbers in their places in theoretical physics are important to the scientist in to the astro physicist into the quantum physicists and Richard Feynman was a brilliant physicist it said that all theoretical physicist should think about the number one thirty seven I don't know why he says is the magic number it's the fine structure constant it's a fundamental constant he says it's denoted by the Greek letter alpha alpha is the beginning in between is the experience the fate the consequence and then Meg of the end what's so special about alpha is it's regarded as the best example of a pure number one that doesn't need units are actually combine three beaches fundamental constants which are the speed of light electric charge carried by one electron in the place constant over those of our stranger things fans you know the planks constant is a number that Dustin needed to save the world and you had to get a little girl from Susie and she wouldn't give it to a policy saying at never ending story song so after they do this musical interludes all cutesy and find it really fit for some reason Susie reels off planes constant she says a six point six two six zero seven zero zero four Dustin and give the information to share of hopper sure hopper uses the number to open up a safe which gives the keys to close the gate of the upside down in a parallel universe of course it's all it's all about parallel universes in and it's important for our never ending existence to keep everything in line course referred about paradoxes we've heard about all these other things refer to different branches we talked about going to visit a lot of quantum scientists on this program was he site is is said they watched stranger things they said well guess what guys you gave planes constant for the year twenty fourteen not nineteen eighty five in a time where it's supposed to take place is it was it was a glitch is a glitch in the script does a glitch in the matrix is a glitch in the upside down it's to basically the whole open so they can I'm sure do some manipulation within the constants and say okay we have a way to get into the upside down and make things change we go to other universes like this universe change is all about it's all about times all the branches of time is within a time is linear simultaneous sighs centers are always using numbers equations and they always say well there's one number that is off for if there's some miscalculation we may see or experience a glitch in the matrix a paradoxical destroy our very existence or we could have something happens very traumatic and we wouldn't know it because we get thrust of another dimensional just like all going what's going on around the earth is burping the earth is having earthquakes revving volcanoes magnetic field is fluctuating in getting weaker we're seeing of the magnetic north drop all the way down to Greenwich great show to tie the prime meridian which is zero what is interesting is going to zero right zero time for every basically stops and so we did the show would make Hinton a few weeks ago talking about how the end of the world they have happened on July of twenty twelve when CERN down the eggs boson and of course the questioning of the stability of expose son was brought up by Stephen Hawking before he died say look if we have an institute we have an unstable Higgs boson and they don't know how to keep it under control we can see some very strange things happen to the planet earthquakes in various places volcanoes exploding everywhere people feeling out of sorts strange glitches in the matrix and so someone attorney on this reddit thread where people just we're just discovering that perhaps they're living in a simulated reality it it the things they've taken for granted a so called reality of somehow glitched now I want to be misunderstood here this is about time travel is about the reality we're in now somehow changing because of some traumatic event that's happened that we all experience in the twinkling of an eye like it says in the Bible the twinkling of an idea and so we have these experiences and we don't know what to say about the because they're they they they seem so foreign to us if something happen to me just the other day I was recently I had this glitch that was just it was for me it was just weird okay I woke up I a dry mouth you know I use C. pap machine so my mouth was very dry when I woke up and so I need to go downstairs to refrigerate find some water I had the usual bottle water by the bed but I need a cold bottle water to drink so I came downstairs got right out of it came downstairs and I remember the Jeanine it said one to go to the doctor and he still you know so urologist sleep so I slept woke up went downstairs and here I noticed she was in the bedroom when I love soft obviously I thought she was a home SO one downstairs through the front room to the kitchen over the fridge there's no water now I bought water I swear I bought water we brought water to the house or something was I don't know so I darted back towards the stairs and sitting at a desk with my wife as usual don't say hi I see what you're talking about in cedar ridge here the desk and I distinctly remember by water to put the fridge no water and she wasn't there I thought she was gonna go to the doctor I was completely confused so he told me that she saw a passer by and you said I acted as if I didn't see I didn't see her I didn't I asked where the water was selected by any water to have anyone in the house I walked upstairs to get ready for the just kept quiet about what happened I was not on any drugs is not sleepy it was just so weird as I couldn't explain it I I had a hard time explaining the agency here but I just didn't see her and she was at a computer writing she's writing she's writing she writes for her podcast just podcast on the fringe FM it's called real talk with Judy Lewis it's on Wednesdays from seven I'd she writes your podcasts he's also writing an article for paranoia magazine about the Mariana feared her experience in long view Kelso where she lived we went up to the big foot festival but it but the thing is is that I I experiences group is glitch and this reddit log or blog whatever it was was all about people who are having these terrifying or chilling experiences where they feel a glitch in the matrix and here I use the matrix we that's the only thing I think people can relate to where they feel like they're not in reality or they have a a slip up in reality or they they have something where they feel like that we live in a simulation okay and so there's this there's this log where people writing that they had some sort of a strange experience and so here's the first one I read this last are gonna read this first one that really had me thinking quote I was on a vacation in Florida visiting a friend we were walking on the beach in a perfectly sunny day when everything went black for a second I think was weird but explain it away thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me until he looked at me and said if everything just go black for second there's not one but two years ago I went to pick up my husband from the ferry after work my husband got into the car does that was driving very slowly out of the car park we both noticed two people standing a few feet in front of our car it looked as though they were strangers older looking professionals both walking to their separate cars in different areas of the car park the man was reaching into his side bag in the lady was further ahead than the man with her head turned to the right I know these exact positions because we were completely frozen in place they were moving to our motion was they were static my husband and I sat there watching the frozen strangers not saying anything to each other then all of a sudden was like someone pressed play in the two strangers continued on is nothing SO nothing happened and my husband and I promised each other we would never forget how weird this experience was I can't remember exactly how long the sea frozen like that but I was realizing was long enough to freak us both out so I mean these are people this is a very popular blog on reddit from what I understand and people are sharing their experiences about how they feel as though reality is somehow glitched for them and you know yeah we can write off his mental illness we can write off there is so many other things but it just strikes me aids being kill your that many people are having these these experiences and they have no place to talk about them except in a forum on reddit while I'm opening the form tonight to talk about his experiences and I'm gonna invite Chris injury geo on the program they're veteran broadcasters and host of beyond the veil which airs on TFR live and they're gonna talk about their first glitch in the matrix into the it was their first click to the majors that happened in two thousand nine and ever since then they've embarked on a journey to understand the true nature of reality a Ghandi Egypt formally jinshi monic rituals of juries temples within the sarcophagus in the great pyramid of Giza they have their journeys detailed on YouTube they're well known and we're glad to have them with this I would bring them on after this break this is sherry geo this green amazing time to talk with them about glitches in the matrix whether or not we're living in some strange reality this somehow and here we are now living in a time where were wondering about our past we're not clear about the future and the president doesn't seem so exciting either.

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