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The weekend. Eighty four degrees now at NewsRadio WFL a around the bay area. Law enforcement agency say they're offering extra patrols insecurity at local mosques after the terror attack in New Zealand that left forty nine dead and forty wounded in Tampa, a spokeswoman for the council on American Islamic relations says she's been assured there will be additional security for the Muslims. We want them to see that the law enforcement is here to support. You anything does happen? God forbid, they're there to take. Laps. Anyone who is thinking about doing anything that they shouldn't they'll see the law enforcement. Hopefully, they'll be a deterrent to local care office is also providing active shooter training for Muslim Americans living in the bay area. Sunday marks one month since someone shot and killed eighteen year old to Kia Fullwood at a house party on lake avenue and fifteenth street in Tampa sometime between one thirty and two the morning of February seventeenth to keel was a student at Florida Atlantic university. She was set to graduate this spring with dreams of becoming a dentist. Her family is pleading for anyone with information to call Tampa police or crime stoppers the Hillsborough sheriff's office says an investigation is underway. After a body was found in a car submerged in a pond in Tampa. The sheriff's office received a call around eight thirty this morning about a car that was discovered in a pond off print street. West of Florida avenue sheriff's department dive team members found one male victim in the car. No information has been released about that victim or how long investigators think the car had been in the water. After a staff member at a Pinellas park..

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