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Of impeachment to the Senate this is a our top story the church of Jesus Christ latter day saints is being sued in Merion county for nine million dollars by a woman whose husband is in jail for sex abuse Katie was less a Wesley says Timothy Johnson told clergy about the abuse the suit says the information was reported to authorities which later lead to his conviction which the Johnson family claims is a violation of church rules the church says it teaches leaders and members that they should for fell all legal obligations to report abuse and they have a twenty four hour hotline to help leaders understand their obligations clean up of homeless camps that pose public health and safety hazards are resuming across the city after the Portland city council approved a new more humane contract with rapid response by cleaning or requiring that our contractors are trained in nonviolent de escalation tactics assertive engagement with Nero diverse individuals CPR and proper use of nor camp where Ted Wheeler says this contract is a big improvement over the last one rapid response workers will also shift from clean up to humane outrage during severe winter weather in addition the company's streamlining the storage and retrieval of personal belongings collected during cleanups company cleans about thirty to fifty camps a week the NFL playoffs are driving interest in the Oregon lottery sports betting app eleven ninety K. exes Brad Ford reports last weekend's wild card game between the Seahawks and the eagles set the record for the highest wagered abandon the Oregon lottery scoreboard out there were over sixteen thousand bets on that close to four hundred and fifty thousand dollars or wagered the lotteries truck bomb and says since the app was launched the NBA has drawn more wages than the NFL there been a total of one point eight million bats and forty five million dollars wagered that means three million dollars will be split among lottery beneficiaries the trailblazers have hardwood tonight for a match against the Minnesota Timberwolves are coming off a one a one ninety nine when at the Toronto raptors Portland is sixteen and twenty two and return some Saturday to face Milwaukee I'm Veronica Carter eleven ninety K. E. axe there's an old adage that is to the test of time you get what you pay for when a body shop gives insurance companies discounts cuts corners uses cheap imitation parts in exchange for recommendation someone is going to get the short end of the.

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