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What do you think of the last year japan is grown not only here in japan it also kind of a worldwide basis while dude let me tell you i even a year ago with the momentum that we've had i would've never thought that chris jericho would be here you know what i'm saying i mean that to be real you know like i don't think anybody else did you know but i think it just goes to show that this really is the coolest place on earth right now it really is and and everybody's seen it and it's so like electric and everybody wants to just jump on the train you know i mean it's cool i mean you know how it is like japanese stuff is is like certain mystique about it it seems cool and this is like you you know you kinda label it in japanese wrestling and now that we have the internet and you know we have at our access deal and stuff people are able to see at new japan they get to see like these huge personalities can megan okada townhall she or you know the young bucks on this stage and they see like you know us in front of ten thousand people like bring him honor doesn't do ten thousand right you know so like they see these huge arenas and people going nuts and then the bullet club came and then the bullet club was like the ambassador of japanese wrestling basically and they reached out to you know all these wrestling fans and their everybody started seeing these bull clip t shirts i'm like what is that like kinda like ended up yo it's kind of like dx kind of thing but it's like these new guys they wrestle in japan it's like well i got to check that out more than this thing when you have that kind of that that hot company and i kind of saying is that i'm a big horror movie fan and there's a whole genre of horror movies called j horror which is japan films like the ring ring yeah but when you see them you don't think japanese obviously the japanese style but you can the their worldwide and i think new japan is like it's not just exclusively for japan as a worldwide.

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