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So join US. Thursday, August 12th at CHS Field, home of the Saint Paul Saints for the Return of the Cat Video Festival. General admission tickets are just $10. But that price goes up on Monday, August 2nd, So get them Now. Your videos, tiktok videos, America's funniest home videos and more all featuring hilarious and cute cats, plus fireworks, cat stuff for sale. Live appearances and all sorts of fun stuff. Tickets on sale now at my talk 171 dot com Keyword cat, And while you're there, submit a photo of your cat, and it just might make it on the big screen before the show. It's the Cat Video Festival Thursday, August 12th at CHS Field $1 from each ticket goes to Bitty Kitty Brigade. Thanks to our sponsors, Canna Pet Foods and David from first equity scammers are looking to take advantage of people as they prepare to take to the skies. And the roads. Here are three popular travel scams to watch out for If you get a call or email saying, you've won a free vacation, chances are it's too good to be true. If the deal looks like it's coming from a legitimate company, you'll be able to verify they offer by contacting them directly, not by using the information sent to you. If you're searching for a vacation rental online, use a trusted site. Be sure to check the sites broad policies. It may offer protection against scams such as fake listings. And if the owner asked you to pay with a prepaid gift card instead of a credit card or debit card, it's a scam before you call or click to reserve a car. Verify that you're calling the real customer service department or that you're on a legitimate rental car company website. For more tips, Go to AARP dot org slash fraud Watch NETWORK. This message Brought to you by AARP, Minnesota On May 10th 18 69 to Separately build railroads met and were connected in Karma. Torrey, Utah visit Union Depot to see how that historic day impacted the nation after prom story. 150 years of transcontinental railroading is a traveling for time. Graffiti exhibit now on display through August 31st. When the Central Pacific Railroad from the West about the Union Pacific Railroad from the East, It was an inflection point in the history of the West.

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