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The federal government has already provided states with doses of monoclonal antibodies used to treat covert 19 so that patients are not charged for them. But there are costs associated with administering those therapies. So the Maryland Insurance commissioner, Kathleen Brain, has moved to require Maryland health carriers. To cover the costs related to those therapies. Bottom line While you are not charged for the doses themselves, you also cannot be built for costs tied to the treatments, either. A spokesman for the commission says the move is not the result of any complaints but has been taken proactively Kate Brian W. T o P News Fans will be welcome back two games at the University of Maryland, the school announcing yesterday it's allowing a limited number of people to attend spring sporting events. Fans will have to abide by physical distancing rules and, of course, wearing masks. Tailgating will not be allowed. Tickets are on sale now for a couple of upcoming men's lacrosse games that capital one field, the university says it's also looking forward to full football. Terps football season tickets are on sale now. They're in peak bloom, and the clock is ticking to see the cherry blossoms. They're just absolutely gorgeous. Catherine Townsend, president and CEO of the Trust for the National Mall, says they have to live Webcams this year Bloom Cam, which gives you a look at the title Basin from afar, and Bud Cam, which gives you a close up of some fully open flowers. A lot of people are checking him out. Now we're seeing an uptick because of the peak blooms. Last year, the blooms brought in 750,000 viewers. People from 10,000 cities get over 160 countries, she says, with 250,000 viewers. So far this year. They're on track to see the same numbers this time around. You can see the cameras right now. On the W T o P APP, Mic Morello. W T o p news and a reminder The National Park Service wants people to stay away from the title basin in person, and they organization is asking that you view the trees online instead. It's 12 14. We're home so much more of these.

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