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You're the fourth vote. Let's do this. Whatever you do. Don't tell war dog. Don't tell Lauren Chris goes Intel's war dog who then realizes out. It's Chris Chris is the guy who wants to take out Kelly. Okay. I let's look at it from the start with David, right? Move wrong. Move to target Kelly Wentworth. Before a swamp. Okay. Well, according to rumor and innuendo this whole David Wentworth feud started with her appearance on your podcast saying that she was not a fan allegedly allegedly. Okay. So well, I mean if. And let me just let me just put again before these rumors spin out of control. Let me just put a fine only on it that they gave it. She didn't say she was not a fan of David bright. She just didn't say she was a fan of David Ryan. Okay. Okay. Well, I mean, all right. So say you're say come on who I hate David, right? Yeah. Okay. Well, I mean say you're going to do a say, they call you to go back and do survivor, and they do the finals at the secret hotel, or whatever and you see other players there. If if you're someone like myself, or even you you would probably listen to podcast that those players have done to see where their head is like what what kind of players they like what kind of players. They don't let you know stuff like that. So if I'm David Wright, and I happen to see what worth at the finals casting. I'm going to seek out podcast that she's done, you know. And and if she's she does. Doesn't appear to be a fan of mine. I'm putting a target on her. So you like the move go after Kelly. Well, she she goes after she goes after players like like like David or even even stronger player like like like a like a war. I don't understand war dog here dogs supposedly knows the game. But like she would be something he would go. If you're if you had to assemble the entire roster and pick the closest person to Andrew savage of mass war dog is the closest to Andrew Sach. Okay. Wh why are we comparing people to Andrew savage using that that's how war shoot she was responsible for the Andrew, savage savage. Yes. Fan of him wasn't a fan. Okay. Well, his okay. So let's move on from. Let's move on from from David, right? I think we're on the same page that yet or he's probably it's a it's a good move for him to take out Kelly feels like that he can't ultimately work with her. So Chris goes and tells more dog and David rights is please whatever you do. Don't tell war dog. Don't tell don't tell them. Chris does it anyway. And he goes and tells war dog and exactly like with David David Wright, really should have been like, you know, how many times I'd had whatever you do don't tell more dog did it anyway..

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