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Gee news time is seven thirty good morning I'm. More Caesar this update is brought to you by stands heating and air conditioning a terrorist driving fifty miles an hour ran over ten. People in London this morning right, in front of parliament even visit has to be delivered that the method and this big. An iconic site we are treating it as a terrorist, incident and the investigation is being led by officers from the cancer terrorism terrorist was arrested on. The scene his name has not been released the ten victims are. Expected to survive the Texas economy will remain strong through the end of two thousand eighteen that's the prediction of the Federal Reserve of Dallas the red hot pace of the first half of the year will be hard to maintain. Because companies are having trouble finding qualified employees, the defense begins its case today. In the. Case of Paul Manafort finishing up their case Monday against former Trump campaign manager. Paul Manafort. Of vice president of The, federal savings Bank testified about a. Sixteen million. Dollar loan the. Bank gave Manafort as it CEO Stephen cock, was angling for a, cabinet position in the Trump administration after. That prosecutors announced the government rests. Picking it, up today's manafort's defense team. It's not known yet fill put forward witnesses or if the trial will head towards, closing argument manafort's been pleading not guilty to, tax evasion and Bank fraud charges Jill Nado Fox News at. Least still investigating a school bus driver. For the AST who admitted to. Sexually assaulting a five year old student. Area St. police chief Ashley Gonzales says it took more than two months. To charge arrest NC the fifty seven year old. Sesame Maldonado fired partly because the bus driver was out of the country despite this the chief assures parents students safety is always on. The department's mind both police department, strict as well as a transportation department who they undergo rigorous training personally evaluating their employees. Bus drivers additionally received random drugs Beans throughout the years Gonzalves adds a. School buses also have four different cameras inside to act as. A deterrent John Colleen NewsRadio KLBJ tonight. To want voters to approve a full audit of all city of. Austin spending or now going to the Texas supreme court. They claim the ballot, language is misleading attorney Bill ale Shire says the election is very close we've only got about, fifteen business days before the deadline for finalising when he was on. The ballot the state supreme court has ordered the city of Boston to respond to that charge it's seven thirty three now at KLBJ here's Austin's on time traffic. With Melinda Brandt right now we're just looking at congestion and it has. Really filled in on all of the freeways, we did have a rack over reported or reported over. On mopeds, southbound just past one, eighty three on the side but traffic though, is backed up to wells branch Parkway your next report's at seven forty five I'm Melinda Brandt with clouds giving way. To some sunshine today Hi ninety five degrees then turning mostly cloudy again tonight with a. Low of seventy five from the weather center I'm Heather zehr Napa know right now..

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