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Bloodline versus the you. Oh i mean. Skills versus onto day actually wasn't a bad match. It was a lot of fun. Shit that was going on during that match A lot of fodder for For for exhibited we used here he was a use us as a lot of xavier and fucking kofi getting seen him getting the wrong in the sticking his match but It was a fun match. Actually then bobby came out and just buy basically beat the shit out of everybody you know there was one spear it looks good. Intentions interests fought like fucked him up. And and i believe it was Kofi who took him and Basically that up to bobby lashley. Bobby now has to be by himself for a couple of weeks as though that. Mvp yeah vp Working that whole My ribs were broken. Wink wink right. So know he had. He had on meniscus tears in his niece so he actually had to get surgery for five. Yeah so it'd be off a four to six weeks so So yeah so this. Let's go to the back showing a little bit of character and talking to an appear so deville saying he wants biggie and roman just gonna prove script do actually a solid match see randy. Aj this week. I love when randy randy. They finally like getting ready to match that he needs. Yeah so you know you. Put them in with these guys the pros remember. Aj solid match again. We gotta have some starting matches on the card. Shane of santa beza nyah. Jack's yes. They did a fucking right this week. She actually wanna match. Oh my god and she engine and getting fucking tv. Now thank you five to work right. The fucking i hope people know people say she needed surgery for her shoulder. Miami miami surgery also get into fucking pc and start teaching them how to work like a big fucking man. She needs to well. I was gonna say marquette. Big show could train her gear gone so and Yeah it looks like Looks like we're going to see some bad ass chenab as of finally come back against shit it's needed to severely guys are an carrillo are Are attacking now okay. i drink. Who radio few about a month ago liked him now a year ago. Oh my god. It was the two spanish guy they can get rid of lucia house party sitting on fucking again. Make them spanish fucking wrestlers. Whatever it is We a surprising. Change outta occur role. And i liked that. They're actually doing this a little bit more now. We saw new crowning of taxing. Chance we rea- ripley and nikki is repeating the talion to meena. Yep needs to have a little bit more of that happening. Don't you know you don't always have to save. Certain title changes for pay per views. We could always do it at the On the shows as well so that that That helps right now. I'm not even gonna fucking talk about the twenty four seven shape. Please don't care save us. The agony hardy. Hardy shame actually a solid match as well We've hardy winning. That got him added to the united states title. Max so that's how we get triple at extreme roles. Good mat-su show shame is looking. You know a lot of people looking a lot better these past years. Yeah he's looking good. I don't like his new gimmick fight club. Whatever fucking bullshit fight night. Is that what it is. Yeah So entering san diego. He had like one of those li like bar lights on on. Thank up with irish bar. Brawler which makes sense but isn't fight night. That's the thing like fight club or some shit like that. Yes more like that. And finally we get Roman reigns bobby lashley and a big e. rolling goes over and Which i thought maybe you didn't have to do that. Maybe should have bobby go over. Maybe pinball a big enough. I think this is all teasing the this. I think this is just teasing the new day. And the bloodline survivor series. Yeah that's it is. Where where's bobby going fit into that bobby's probably gonna fight. Hey they might give us bobby versus brock survivor series woman's name. I have brought smack smackdown bobby on those two at the time. I don't know. I don't know bobby fit somewhere on that card activity that i could see if they do the rovers to smackdown gimmick which. I hope they do. And they make they'd be taken seriously right. We'll get brock versus bobby. Maybe we'll see. I mean look honestly I think it kind of it. Kind of hurt bobby. A little bit there because he did take the pin. But i can say one of her big pinch for that. It's fine yeah. And i think they won't be got pin there all right so that leads us to annex point. Oh you should put ferry music on this honestly. Do they even have a theme song. At this point. This is lying. Fuck yeah okay. You'll each team. Good at like a pumpkin. Pumpkin carving now south slang. Gus so he got an extreme. I have to say they got it and like a pumpkin. I'm going to be honest with you. Pumpkin car i watch this and it was like on speed did actually become the were show on the week. I eight eight. It got to this and i know what the audience that they're looking for young no for me. It's not for me. no it's not. It's not my cup of tea. But i don't think shop being champion even fits the ciampa with this rura fucking A segment and it's not his gimmick. That's not novoye hanover. it's not notice. It looks forced. it looks like it. Looks like they were pulling fucking like as hairs off a tweezers for him like it wasn't fun for him to do not the rock guide and of course you get you know. Pedone coming out Cameron grimes late night. Everybody rich hall and everybody wants a shot at the title I just can't i can't get into. I'm sorry yeah. It was like wrestling became overwhelming enough for me now at this shit like if it's bad i'm definitely not man. I'm trying. I'm trying to give us some kind of of chance because i know they want to introduce new stars. But this ain't the way it's not if for me that's really not. That's not for me either. Roger stone and could Ronald strong kushida actually had a really good fucking match. I have to say this is probably the match of the week With roger slower defeated proceeded to become the new actually cruiserweight champ. Then we get gracing waller to come out. I'm like why isn't grayson waller. Who the fuck it. He's guy he's like. I'm watching shit. I'm like why why is he coming out. Beats me do. So then. I i'm not really a fan of this guy. Wins about that. All of us on somebody comes out to challenge them. Can we get a backstage setting exactly some saying actually two point. Oh is in a bad place. Yeah i don't. I don't know why can't we just get a quick segment that kelly raid. If mary miller quick match wasn't too.

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