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This case atherosclerosis, and heart attack and stroke, and it's because one individual has a different gut microbial community, and therefore is making different levels of metabolites that are in their bloodstream, and and that impacts our disease risk, and we have evolved always colonized with bugs for the past millions of years, and they have evolved inside of us. And it's an interplay that is absolutely essential some of our vitamins vitamin k require gut microbes to actually make them. And you know, we evolved a need for vitamin k that can only come from. So they're not all bad, in fact in majority. They're necessary in good. Yeah. Amazing. So just take it up a little bit. We have about ten times many bacterial cells us as our own cells. And we about a hundred times much bacterial DNA. Twenty thousand. Jeez. There might be two to four million genes of bugs in there. And they're all making stuff, and they'll making these metabolites proteins that absorbed, and we were on a panel recently. And you're saying that, you know, so many of our blood metabolites are not even human their microbial, and they all have different effects on our biology. So the question is why if we've evolved for years with these microbes co evolution. Why is it in in the last hundred years, we see this explosion of heart disease has our gut bacteria changed and how and why that that is an excellent question. It's not totally figured out. But what is for certain is that our gut bacteria are changing as we have changed not only are environment. And terms of how we generate food and processed food in the whole science of agriculture is changed as well as the prevalence of antibiotics use which is like a nuclear bomb to the community. And every time a person takes antibiotics the whole. Munity are a big portion of it gets replaced and often it doesn't come back the same way as where it was start with. So there there are differences in what's actually interesting and exciting is that if you look not just at humans, but even at squirrels in the park in New York, central part central part, they're getting obese also my God I was in the park yesterday. And these fat fat, squirrels, I'm like cow. Well, we have an adultery level are putting things in our food chain and that works its way through the entire pyramid have food pyramid. And there was a study that was reported several years ago about the obesity of squirrels in central park, and at least the association with gut microbes shift in but obesity has been known to be linked to alterations in micro community as well, we're going to get into the whole link between your gut bacteria obesity. We know you focused on which is fascinating. And. And it's like how does your gut flora play a role and even animal studies, they found they could swap out gut bacteria from a fat mouse too thin mouse, and the thin mouse gets fat on the same out or even less calories. Right. So the whole idea that all your weight is depend on calories in calories out. It's kind of an old idea. Basically is what you're saying. Well, the reason I it still requires calories in calories out, but the differences is what we now realise or think about is. You don't absorb all of the calories in the food that you eat in different people may actually have a slightly different efficiency of where their engine runs. And so it turns out that one person may absorb extra two percent of the calories from their food compared to the other because the different constellation gut. Microbes they have may make it more efficient for them to extract energy from the same amount of food than the other individual. And well, it may only be a dozen two dozen fifty calories a day when you add that up over time. It really adds up. If you say three thousand or so calories is one pound two three percent difference in energy extraction makes a huge difference time. So you're saying basically is that we've done a lot of things to mess up our gut. We've eaten foods at are processed were not eating as much plant foods where having less fiber were taking any botox or born by C sections. We're taking other drugs and mess up got like acid blockers, and any plan Matori's all these things are driving this ecosystem to be out of balance, and that seems to be leading to morbidity more disease more chronic illness across.

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