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Deborah Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and like this has been a backup for a few weeks now. It's a holiday themed event They've got going on at the stadium here on a colonial. We see delays this time of the night every night lately here, Yeah. Rule one south lined up almost two miles here, especially those left lanes getting into the stadium elsewhere to the south. Exit. Pretty good or the expressway South is good coming out of the tunnel, But slow going Mass after self day. Not too bad. After that. I've got 16 minutes from the tunnel down to display a lot better than it was. North Sounds good all the way in lower in the 1 28 fine. Route three on the South Shore is good. Now up to the north. Well, just north of the city route. 16 is a real problem to ever it right now really jammed up in and around Santilli circle. There's a problem with the traffic lights there. So that's the case. It's really got things jammed up in and out of the Gateway plaza. So keep that in mind. You may want to avoid it right now. 1 28 North bounce back to pin Woburn. Well, it's actually easing out to Wilbur and there was a backup earlier with the crash by Washington Street downtown. Pretty quiet now. The lower deck the Tobin Bridge, Storrow Drive, They're all good. This report sponsored by Audible Tis the season to treat yourself to audible with the holiday with the audible holiday offer. Get the newest All you can listen Plan Audible plus for just 4 95 a month. For your first six months. Listen without limit to thousands of audible originals, audio books and now podcasts go to all the audible dot com For more my King WBC's traffic on the three Alright, Mike Now it's time for the four day WBZ Accurately forecast Get more details on that Christmas Storm Coming in with Dave Bowers brought to us by the sump pump Geeks Cloudy tonight alone 27 Then tomorrow Good deal of Sunshine Chili. Hi about 36 That'll be clouding up tomorrow night Low 32. Milder on Thursday under cloudy sky with the south wind of picking out the high of 51 degrees..

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